…As Retired University Don, Prof Etie Ben commends INEC on conduct of elections

The PDP State House of Assembly Candidate for Eket State Constituency, Dr. Nsidibe Akata has assured the people that they will get the expected representation when he is elected on March 11, 2023.

Dr. Akata stated this, after casting his vote at his polling unit number 008, at Nduo Eduo, Okon, in Eket Local Government Area.

According to the Ex Mobil Staff, he will change the narratives of representation, through working with his other colleagues in the Assembly, to ensure that his people gets what is due them.

He further stated that the people of Eket needs an experienced hand in the House of Assembly in 2023, and he was well experienced for the task, and will not be pursuing his personal agenda, but the agenda of the people.

“I will be having town hall meetings with Eket People, at least twice a year, for them to tell me what they want from government and how we can come in,” Dr. Akata was quoted.

Dr. Akata said he was impressed with the level of turnout by the voters and attributed the large turnout of voters to the current situation being experienced in the country and the resolve of the voters who are yearning for a change.

The voters are saying it hasn’t been this bad, but they have been assured that their votes will count, which is why they have also come out to vote, he stated.

Meanwhile, a retired University Don, Prof Etie Ben has commended INEC on the timely conduct of the elections in his Nduo Eduo locality, and scored INEC very high.

He said people have voted their conscience, and they came from various locations to vote, and the process was credible and transparent.

He expressed his satisfaction and happiness on the conduct of the elections, and said they have been no complaints from the electorate, and he was satisfied with the turn out of voters, for coming out to express their feelings.

A Youth Leader in the area, Odudu Inyang further have credence to the situation on ground, that the elections were peaceful and smooth in the area.

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