Looking at the sixth anniversary speech of the Governor, and his thanksgiving speech for a preferred successor in 2023, one can decipher that Gov. Udom Emmanuel is opened to handing over to a business man to succeed him, rather than a core politician.

Who are the business men in the race to succeed the Governor?

Udom Inoyo

The former Vice Chairman of Mobil, who has been in the private sector all his life, is keen on the contest for 2023.
In the later days of 2019 and 2020, Mr. Udom Inoyo had begun a subtle consultation to intimate Akwa Ibom people, on his arrival to the public scene, after years in the corporate sector. It is believed that Udom Inoyo has the wherewithal to vie for the governorship seat, the international email address, and the spread, but the questions on the minds of Akwa Ibom people are: what has been his contributions to the development of the state, haven spent decades in the oil industry?

Did he in any way, influence the employment of Akwa Ibom sons and daughters in the oil industry, while he held sway as the Vice Chairman? Although we learnt he has embarked on life touching empowerment, rewarding of teachers through his annual best teacher’s award programme.

Umo Eno
Chairman, Royalty Group, who is the present Commissioner for Lands in Akwa Ibom State, is touted as one of the likely successors of Gov. Udom Emmanuel. But feelers have described Umo Eno, as one who is parsimonious, and also, deducts tithes from his staffers salaries. The Idua road in Eket, which was awarded to his company, has been abandoned, with motorists decrying sufferings on that road.

Although he is said to be a good Entrepreneur, with his years of managing several of his businesses successfully, and also fits into the business minded person the Governor is ankling for, it is left to Akwa Ibom people, to decide the fate of the Nsit Ubium born Pastor.

Akan Udofia,
The Chief Executive Officer of Desicon Engineering, fits into the bill of Gov.Udom’s Successor. pundits suggests that, with his business connections, the much talked about recognized international email address by the Governor for transactions, fits into Akan Udofia’s profile.

Many believe Akan Udofia is politically naive, haven spent most his years in the private sector. Although the Governor’s body language suggests that he may be averse to handing over the reins of the State to a core politician, Akan Udofia’s entrant to the 2023 gubernatorial race in the state has unsettled the dynamics of succession.

He is seen to be a moneybag, who many believe could spring a surprise, but what has left many guessing, is the platform on which Akan Udofia will run the 2023 race.

The All Progressives Congress in Akwa Ibom State, have touted Akan Udofia as a potential candidate on the party’s platform, and he is said to be jostling for the PDP ticket too, but in the last check, Akan is said not to be a member of any political party.

We have also heard that, money bags like Scott Tommey, one of the sons of the Esema of Benin, top Billionaires in the country, are his backers.

Understudying the Governor’s speech, one will agree that, Akan Udofia, May not be after Akwa Ibom’s resources to pilfer, haven made wealth for himself, others believe a man with such money chest can run the affairs of the state successfully, in the face of a dwindling economy.

Whatever it is, Governor Udom Emmanuel who is in charge of the PDP structure in the state, will go a long way, to decide, who will fly the party’s ticket at the General elections in 2023, and emerge his successor.

As alliances are formed and realignments are made, there will be betrayals on the way, and the Governor knows this, that some of his foot soldiers will abandon him for their personal interests.

Like Jesus said, not all the call me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Today, not all that are hailing the Governor, His Excellency, His Excellency, shall follow him to the end.

As we await the anointed candidate, let’s recollect, that time and chance, happeneth…

Eneh John is a Journalist and Communication Scholar,
From the unique University of Port Harcourt,
Port Harcourt,
Rivers State.

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