Why Adams Oshiomole Was Removed as APC National Chairman

Adedayo Timothy Moses

Adamu Aliyu Oshiomole tenure as the National Chairman of the ruling party in the last two years of his expected four year tenure has been a troublous, controversial, contentious, divisive, anti-progressives, counter productive and diversionary political party administration and leadership ever seen in Nigeria. Oshiomole is the National Working Committee, NWC, of the party, the words, advice, suggestions and comments of the other 25 members do not matter. He is the lord of the manor. The ‘Putin’ of this era.

According to a credible source from the ‘power base within the APC’, ‘we have tolerated Oshiomole to this level so as not to give room to the opposition to accuse us of a fallen house in just under two years’. The source also said ‘It is unfortunate that Oshiomole has turned himself into a ‘Political General’ who does not take orders and advise from anybody and bad enough, his orders are such that have brought defeats to his ‘political command’!!!

According to Mallam Sheu Ismaila a frontline APC leader in Kaduna, ‘with a friend like Oshiomole be assured you are in a lion’s den ready for consumption’. He further said ‘ Oshiomole is a crafty politician who can stoop to get what he wants and once he gets it, he consumes you either for breakfast, lunch or dinner’. Ismaila also said ‘we all know that without the support of great party leaders like Okorocha, Yari, Obaseki, Yari, Amosun and Amechi he would not have gotten the National Chairmanship of our great party. But today he has dealt a deadly blow on all his destiny helpers.’ ‘Oshiomole did not even spare the first lady, Hajia Aishat Buhari, by working against her interest in Adamawa State. That was a great effrontery!!! It was a confrontation against Buhari himself’

According to our source, some factors may have finally led to the affirmation of his suspension by the Court of Appeal. The first factor was the non-fulfillment of the agreements he reached with a ‘cabal’ when his earlier suspension was ‘quashed’. The terms of settlement with Oshiomole included the recall of the suspended Deputy National Chairman North, Senator Lawan Shuabu and the National Vice Chairman (North East). It also included giving Governors Obaseki and Akeredolu the right of first refusal to re-contest as sitting governors under APC and lastly, he was advised to be a team player. It was a highly remorseful Oshiomole that the whole Nigerians saw after his emergence from the Aso Villa that fateful afternoon and in his followed up meeting with members of his NWC, he was indeed sober and promised to be a ‘brand new humble’ Oshiomole!. Everyone was happy. Not long after this, Oshiomole like a leopard or ‘dried fish’ came out stronger to ‘ruthlessly’ deal with his perceived enemies. To him what matter most were his interests and not national interests.

The source also confirmed that security reports may have implicated Oshiomole in Edo House of Assembly crisis. Oshiomole had directed the 12 Honourable members under his ‘refuge’ not to present themselves for inauguration up till now. Oshiomole is however presenting the case as if Governor Obaseki had stubbornly refused to inaugurate the honourable members. *The truth of the matters is that those 12 renegade honourable members have never made attempt to be inaugurated.!!*

*Oshiomole had insisted he must produce the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Majority Leader for a sitting governor. Many people have asked him ‘did Oyegun give him the list of the House of Assembly leadership when he was the governor?’*

*Oshiomole arrogance reached a credo few days ago when the Committee of APC Governors in Nigeria held a meeting with him and advised that sanity be maintained in the party by allowing Obaseki to partake in Edo State primaries instead of outright disqualification of a sitting governor.*

Oshiomole lambasted them and insisted on its own terms. Unknown to Oshiomole, the APC governors left to re-strategize and stop his destructive tendencies before he finally destroyed their party.

At the meeting with the governors and the NWC members everyone was shocked to hear Oshiomole saying that disqualifying a sitting governor from primary election does not portend grave dangers for the party even when people drew his attention to Benue and Sokoto States where the governors were denied APC tickets in 2019 and eventually crossed to other party and won their re-elections.
Oshiomole went into the ‘pit he dug for himself’ when party members were alarmed at Obaseki attempt to cross to PDP.

The attempt would have made the entire be South-south a PDP zone. Many were grieved that it is improper for an APC National Chairman to come from a state ‘now to be controlled’ by PDP and may not be able to withstand the emerging mockery from a redeemable needless crisis. They had to nip Oshiomole misadventure in the bud before it becomes an irreparable destruction.

According to a top member of the party from Edo State Chief Sunday Eboigbe ‘Many people will not say but its real. ‘Oshiomole had several times discountenanced the ideas, suggestions and advice of Mr President’. It is unheard of and this is clearly an affront to the respected office of Mr President and the National Leader of the party. Thank God our president is a calm, progressive and God fearing man otherwise Oshiomole would have gone long before now’.

Mr Bashiru Lawal from Lagos said ‘The rug had to be pulled out of Oshiomole feet when senior party men observed that his activities are self serving and were overtly pro-cabal based in Southwest’. To Oshiomole, the National Leader based in Southwest is more important than the ‘real National Leader’ of the party in Abuja!.

The APC governors two weeks ago had been embarrassed when as sitting governors went to Lagos to discuss with a ‘National Leader’ and left with ignominy. This to them portends a danger typology of the rise of a Stalin or Putin in an autocratic state. Indeed autocracy has found its way into APC and democracy seems to have been put in the pocket of one man!!!

The plan to exit Oshiomole from his exalted seat came as a shock to everyone, even his backers. No one saw it coming. It was meticulously, diligently and confidentially processed.

Every leader of APC believed that Oshiomole is a ‘bull in a china shop’ and the earlier he is restrained the better for the ‘chinas’ in the shop and the ‘chinas’ Shop owner.

According to Mr Oyedele Abodunrun from Ondo State, he said “ twice beaten shy, Oshiomole may have gone for ever as those who helped him in the past have now seen him as an unrepentant treacherous, divisive, destructive, ungrateful and autocratic fellow. We must do away with him to save our great party from this path of perdition’

Can Oshiomole survive this current battle against him? This is doubtful because the forces against him have reunited powerfully. He may have taken the path of dishonor like those disgraced National Chairmen of PDP.

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