The Wife of the Chairman, People’s Democratic Party in Akwa Ibom State, Mrs.UnyimeAbasi Aniekan Akpan, on Wednesday, celebrated her 2022 birthday at Kairos Rhema Embassy, Uyo.

Speaking at the birthday celebration, Mrs. Unyimeabasi Aniekan said, this is the first time I’m celebrating my birthday in a long while, apart from the days my parents used to celebrate for me.

I decided to bring it to church to celebrate because God used the church to restore hope to me.

God deserves praise when He does something fo us. I see alot of people to help, so, I decided to render this help on my birthday.

On behalf of the October born that are here, I’ll present this token to some persons in the church that needs help.

Anchoring the presentation, the Presiding Pastor, Pastor Nsikanabasi Ese made the presentation of the items on behalf of the wife of the State Chairman.

Items presented were 15 wrappers for aged women, financial empowerment to 20persons, cash donation to the church and donation to the Presiding Pastor, Nsikanabasi Ese.

Reacting, one of the beneficiaries, Rev. Alice Akpan thanked Mrs. Unyimeabasi Aniekan Akpan for her magnanimity and prayed for God’s blessings upon her.

Also reacting, the Pastor in charge, Nsikanabasi Ese prayed for the Celebrant and declared more open doors for her family.

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