Wike is Unstable, should not be taken seriously -Dino Melaye

Former Kogi Senator, Dino Melaye has taken a swipe on the FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike, describing the former Rivers State Governor as a man who is unstable in character.

According to Dino, “my primary business is other people’s business, if I open my can of worms and maggot on Wike, his territory that he is trying to practice is my own primary constituency and I am waiting for him. He’s a pretentious character, he’s a lair and he has no iota of integrity, but I’m waiting for him.

Wike was calling me when Atiku Abubakar was to announce his running mate, I have records and I’ve printed it out, and I’m waiting for him. He called me 19 times in two hours, begging us to convince Atiku Abubakar to make him the vice presidential candidate. So when I see him lying on the TV, because of Southern Nigeria, he was lobbying us, and promising us heaven and earth to convince Atiku Abubakar to make him his presidential candidate.

To the extent that he was at the airport, I have the video. He spent hours at the airport, waiting for me to call him and say Atiku Abubakar has chosen you to be the presidential candidate, he was calling me, my brother and friend, who we were at the senate together was also calling me that day, I have witnesses, I even gave the phone to Abdul Ningi to speak to him, I gave the phone to Senator Zamile to speak with him, he was begging all of us, promising heaven and earth, Atiku should announce him.

It was around 1 or so, I told him, oga, nobody go give you vice president, and that was when he left and flew back. So the man was so desperate to be Vice President, because he didn’t get it, he now started the drumming the southern Nigeria agenda. I don’t believe in such unprincipled, zero integrity character like Nyesom Wike. He was the one who brought and sponsored Ayu and that was why there was no election in the National chairman’s office during the convention. Ayu was unopposed.

Now you’re saying Ayu must go, the Chairmanship must go to the south, maybe It’s because of the alcohol he took, maybe he thought Ayu is from Abia state, when he was supporting him. Because Ayu is from the North, you were the one that brought Ayu, when did you now realize that Ayu is a Northerner, but he was doing that to satisfy his own selfish ambition of becoming the presidential candidate from the south, so he doesn’t want the chairmanship at that time to go to the south, so that it will not affect his ambition of becoming president from the south. So he pushed the chairmanship to the North.

And thinking he will be able to bribe Ayu to produce him as the presidential candidate, when Ayu refused to do the wrong thing, then Ayu became an enemy. Is it not the same Wike that removed his brother, his mentor Prince Uche Secondus as the National chairman of the party? If you love the south so much, why did you remove a Southerner, to bring a Northerner. Today, you’re saying chairmanship must go to the south, was the chairmanship not in the south? Was it not you Wike, who went to court, who did everything, expel him from his ward.

So, a character, who is not stable like that, who is influenced by alcohol and other things, should not be taken seriously.” Melaye said.

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