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Exclusive facts have emerged, on the tussle for Nsit Ubium state constituency seat, ahead of the 2019 elections, in Akwa Ibom.

Political gladiators in Nsit Ubium has come at daggers drawn with each other, on who will succeed Onofiok Luke in the House of Assembly. There have been accusations and counter accusations at both ends, as Otobong Bob, son of Senator Effiong Bob, is in the Assembly race, with Blessing Mbakara, a female Aspirant, who is also in the race.

Interestingtly, it was alleged some days ago, that, the Speaker of the Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly, Onofiok Luke, had doled out N10million to Blessing Mbakara to enable her run for the office.

It was also alleged that, Onofiok is directly sponsoring Mbakara as his preferred candidate for the Assembly position, against the son of Senator Bob.

But contrary to this, Blessing Mbakara is used as a smokescreen for Onofiok’s main candidate, Otobong Edemidiong, who is the immediate past transition committee chairman in Nsit Ubium.

We gathered from top source, that Otobong has received the first tranche of cash, which is to be used to prosecute the elections, in a deal that will see Mbakara back out for him soon.

Further information available to Trail Reporters, shows that, the essence of fronting Mbakara at this point was that, Otobong Edemidiong should not be perceived as a betrayer, since he was the one who brought the idea of putting Senator Bob’s son up for the contest, and had gone ahead to mobilise support for him, but backed out at the point of endorsement, when the Speaker whispered to him to rather run for the seat.

Onofiok we also gathered, plans to whittle the political powers of Effiong Bob in Nsit Ubium, and also emerge as a political king, and stop Effiong Bob from sending his son to the Assembly.

He is said to have produced most of the councillors in his native local government, in order to assume the political leadership and install his successor.

Most of his supporters, have assumed the projections of Otobong Edemidiong for the Assembly seat, as the coast seems clear for Edemidiong to announce his entrant into the race.

I have a right to support who I want to support, and also the right to run for the office, based on the zoning to Ubium, and my ward has never produced any elected political office holder, Edemidiong was quoted as saying.

A text message sent to the Speaker’s Press Secretary for his reaction, was not responded to, as at the time of this report.

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