Ayuba David

I was born in ABU Hospital, My father , My Mother were staff of ABU in the 70s & 80s. I still remember the house I was born in the Staff quarters in ABU before my father built our own house in Samaru.

All My Brothers and sisters graduated from ABU. I also graduated from ABU but I don’t pray my Children go to ABU, except ABU Changes before they reach University age. ABU is leaving on past Glory.

Admission, Employment, Victimisation and persecution of none Hausa Fulanis all we hear is happening in ABU. All the Good lecturers and staff have transfered their services to either Kaduna State University, Unijos, University of Abuja , Kogi State University ,;FUTA Minna and Some University of Agriculture Makurdi.

ABU is a school a Graduate of Geography because he is Hausa or Fulani would be employed to lecture a professional course like Agriculture despite people with 1st class in the same Agriculture.

ABU is a school a Kataf man from Kaduna state with 250 JAMB Points can not read Medicine but Hausa Fulani with 180 JAMB Points from Katsina State will be on the first list for Medicine. They argue that Zangon Kataf LGA is educationally advantage. Is it a crime when your Children go to school?

ABU is a school employment is done in the Emirs Palace the VC is only advised with the list. They said we are too educated yet they refuse to employ us not because we are not qualified but because we are not Hausa or Fulani

The issue of Professor Andrew Nok denied VC of ABU despite the lecturers voted him just because he is a Christian and from Southern Kaduna is still fresh in my mind.

ABU is just a reflection of what is happening in the wider Nigeria. But come to think of it , if such mediocrity can be happening in a University like ABU our Civil Service both state and Federal must be rotten .

This country call Nigeria needs a complete overhaul.

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