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The reason why humanity is besieged with upheavals, crisis and confusion is not unconnected with man”s insatiable greed and distortion of the MANUAL of creation anchored on the laws of equity, justice and balance.
When God created man, He knew what man will want to become. He gave man the power of freewill as a token of love and independence. The power of freewill, He knew, will give man unlimited access to exploration and exploitation of creation. He knew the consequences of man’s abuse of the gift of freewill. So, He gave man a MANUAL of His creation which stipulates and outlines how to live on earth peacefully without upheavals, crime, hunger, confusion and death. In the MANUAL, God gave man the donts and dos. In the MANUAL He anchored the the law of equity and Justice above all other laws because therein lies global peace and development.

But today, man has caused great harm to himself and the entire humanity by living his life outside the MANUAL. He uses his freewill without conscience and in the process he steps on toes. By stepping on toes he ignites bitter reactions from his victim who at times may step on his two toes. As the circle of violations continue, so is mankind sinking gradually into the abyss of darkness occasioned by the violence we see around us everyday.

Politics is an invention of the gift of the intellect and freewill. It can be defined as an act of sharing together the bounties of nature amicable without rancor, bitterness and acrimony. It can also be defined as the act of putting into motion a preferred system of government and governance. But it also has its own MANUAL tailored towards God’s MANUAL. That’s why we have zoning, electoral laws, Federal character and all sundry arrangements put in place to check the excesses of man’s blurted ego brought about by his primitive instinct of insatiable longing for more and more. That’s why society boils when the egoistic excesses of man is not checked and put under control.

In Eket local government Area, like in other places in Akwa Ibom and indeed Nigeria, the principal of zoning is adopted in the sharing of political offices, either by appointment or election. The zoning system allows for the minority in society to have a sense of belonging, thereby fostering unity, peace and development.

Eket local government Area has three geo political zones. Namely, (1) Eket Urban. (2) Eket Central and (3) Okon-Eket geo-political zone. Representative position into the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly is made to rotate within these zones. The practice has for long been implemented in Eket and it has brought about peace. Sometime in 2011 when Hon Jack Udota who by then had completed his second term for Eket Central wanted to attempt a third term like then President Olusegun Obasanjo, the people of Eket rose in unison and tamed the insatiable nature in the law maker. The banker and lawyer turned politician tucked his tail between his legs and went home in shame.

Why was Barrister Jack Udota so humiliated ? The answer is because it was the turn for Eket Urban to put forth their candidate. Hon Ayang Akanimo Ayang from Eket Urban emerged and took over from Udota. By some conspiracy of man and circumstances, Hon Ayang having ran a 400 metre race in the State House of Assembly from 2011 to 2015, handed the baton to Mr David Lawrence for him to complete the eight years for Eket Urban.

Now is the turn for Okon-Eket geo-political zone to produce a candidate from any political party for the 2019 session of the House which will be known as the 9th Assembly. From my assessments, the zone has enough qualified aspirants for the 2019 contest. There is Dr Nsidibe Akata, a geologist who is regarded by stakeholders as the only square peg in the square hole of the 9th Assembly. There is also Hon Ekanem Willie, a seasoned politician who once occupied the seat of government as vice chairman of Eket local government Area. He too, has some followers. From the same zone we have Engr Emmanuel Abraham Udoh, a vibrant youth activist who once vied for the House of Assembly position with Hon Jack Udota and lost. He too, has followers across the local government Area. We also have Hon Aniekan Akpan, a dynamic political wiz kid who is contesting under the All Progressive Congress (APC) while the aforementioned persons are PDP chieftains. Many more from the zone may join the race as the calendar unfolds.

Rumours making the rounds have it that Hon David Lawrence with the nod of the State Governor has concluded plans to go for a second term thereby thwarting the home grown principle of zoning. If the speculation is true, then the law maker has gotten it wrong. He should not attempt to shift the goal post at the middle of the game. He should even be the one to kick against breach of trust. He went into the track to complete 400 metres of the 800 which Hon Ayang by no default of his couldn’t complete.

David Lawrence, by all standard has done his best for Eket people. He has changed the lives of countless youths of Eket in various ways. Market women and indigent students have not been left out of his magnanimity. He receives cheers from the people wherever he goes but for Christ sake, he should bow out gracefully with his personality and hard earned pedigree intact. Why ?, because by contesting for Urban’s third term, he will not only sow enmity between Okon-Eket brothers and the rest of Eket but might have succeeded in setting into motion a rat race without MANUAL which will in the long run spell doom for our collective existence as a people. After all, it’s not how long we lasted in the ring but how well we fought and win.

His Excellency, deacon Udom Emmanuel is a product of zoning which we fought for. He should not encourage any attempt by any politician to subvert the wishes of the people. Our Governor has his own cross to carry in 2019, he should not think that the cross will be as light as a cock. If the Governor didn’t know, he should know now that his journey to the Hilltop Mansion in 2019 will not be “carry go”. Udom should focus on his reelection by courting the support of the grassroot voters. Any attempt to impose a wrong candidate on Eket people for the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly would be disastrous. Let the people choose their representative. By so doing, the law of equity and Justice anchored in the MANUAL of God and that of man will be adhered to, and peace will reign.

The pen Oracle has never gotten it wrong. Never.


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