Idiongo Clayton [Arizona, U. S]

This is the long awaited climax of the situation in which Diaspora sold out its integrity for peanuts and asinine archaic protocol.This is the long awaited return to normalcy.

I want to congratulate the present President of AKISAN for his bravery and strong leadership qualities in the face of monkey politics .

I will state as a avid watcher and observer of the politics of AKISAN to what happened and how this led to the situation we see today.

Ex-leaders of AKISAN in an attempt to gain favor brown-nosed to destruction their mandates as leaders of AKISAN. Also there has been a class struggle between the Youthful futuristic leaders of AKISAN who frown on brown nosing and the old vanguard that believe Brown nosing is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

So I state my case as follows :

1. We cannot have the President of AKISAN go to Akwa Ibom State to see the Governor and be told the governor is too busy to see him. Gone are the days someone waits for Governor for 6 hours or more in the Lobby so that they may not feel that Diaspora is a threat and we are put through the stupid test to prove diaspora is totally humble . Ex-Presidents of AKISAN from Buffer Eyo to JJ can do that but not everybody is good in such extreme boot licking .

2. After AKISAN would suffer and prepare everything for the convention from the venue to logistics to the food served with no help from the State Government .We would have the Governor and entourage take over the whole celebration. From the agenda and program being violated,altered and hijacked to even the Presenter or MC altered with the homefront bringing theirs and forcing us to sit down and watch them “handle the show” for us ! AKISAN President is never allowed to address the people at home, we are not given the relevance they forcefully take from us here !

3. AKISAN this time has refused to lick shoes and kneel and grovel and beg a governor who refuses to reach across the aisle to be with us ! He expected the programme to have his face on page One after he treats Diaspora like trash and then we should continue groveling because we are suppose to respect his “Excellency” ?

4. AKISAN is for the whole Akwa Ibom State community and is not a political diaspora arm of the state government of Akwa Ibom State . The past elections of AKISAN were hijacked to make this the reality .This class of AKISAN leaders are determined to make sure that this is not the case. Unfortunately Governor Udom Emmanuel does not feel he is the Governor of the whole state .He feels he is the Governor of PDP . You would think that a man with the kind of exposure they claim he has would know to revert to being the leader of all after an election cycle .

5. Most of all the politics of AKISAN has been plagued by what I call the “monkeys”. People who would tremble and report us to the reps of Akwa Ibom State government that the young independent thinkers are not “loyal” to the government just to get something for their pockets and then they would turn and smile with those of us who were screaming and shouting about the sanitization of the organization. AKISAN had seen a horrible decline in attendance and purpose and organization in the convention because leadership was busy chasing the Governor of Akwa Ibom State and literally being treated as clowns by the system. In extreme cases the homefront would scratch their heads when women would take their daughters home to vie for funds as Miss Akwa Ibom Diaspora when there was already one that was crowned . Diaspora became a thing of laughter.

Based on this I am not surprised that there will be a lot of the old vanguard in secret that will blame this AKISAN president for breaking “protocol”. The same Vanguard that protect an ex-leader of AKISAN from prosecution after using the debit card of the organization to buy crayfish for his household for cooking and countless other things like it was his personal account .

Like I always say, bringing a goat to America does not mean it will change to something else and its real bad luck if that goats gets involved with institutional process !

In summary , the President of AKISAN had to deal with a really destroyed process of operation in AKISAN.He had to deal with AKISAN members who spoke from both sides of their mouth as slaves for Governor,”Protocol” and lack of independent thinking as sheeple(Sheep + People = Sheeple).

The convention will hold and the Governor does not need to be there , he has better things to do like building a second lodge in Lagos for the investors in his pencil factory !!!!!

Mesa, AZ

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