I have known Ephraim Inyang since 1979, there is little or no change in his person, little wonder he still terrorizes and gloat over an ethnic group he hates passionately, the Annang.
From the inception of this administration, the Lagos returnee Commissioner thinks, he can beat an entire ethnic group into line.

Ephraim Inyang believes he is more the Governor than Udom Emmanuel, waste no time in bragging about how indispensable he is, as the engine room of this administration he tells whoever cares to listen, Udom Emmanuel is more on holiday than he is, as the bulk of the day to day running of this administration stops at his table.
The Commissioner of Works takes his time to lie, as stated the above mentioned rebuttal, Ephraim Inyang lied about this government involvement in the Abak-Ikot Abasi Road (East-West road)
I have some copies of extracts from the bills of Engineering measurement and evaluation prepared by the Ministry of Works, Akwa Ibom State and Engineering design of the road prepared by his Ministry here attached.
A trunk A road, Akwa Ibom State government had already awarded its contract.

I am excited, we have been able to ensure the State saves the N52 Billion budgeted for the road, this could be meaningfully used in setting up industries in the State.

These are but a few of the many sins of the Honourable Commissioner of Works;

1. Hon Ephraim Inyang, the Commissioner-General, has been terrorizing other commissioners in Udom’s cabinet from its inception, two that had suffered direct victimization are former Commissioner Emmanuel Enoidem and Ekong Sampson, both suffered untold humiliation in the hands of the field Marshall Commissioner Ephraim Inyang, it’s been told in hush voice how he even smashed Enoidem’s phone for answering a call before Udom.
Ephraim Inyang had chased out Enoidem from Udom’s house in Ewet Housing after Enoidem came back after resigning to contest for national treasurer at the botched PDP convention. He terribly hates Enoidem so much it is believed that he is the one that has advised Gov Udom not to give Enoidem any board appointment. Ephraim Inyang told Udom that he has raised other politicians in Etim Ekpo that can deliver Udom without Enoidem. He even accuses Enoidem of planning to join APC. It is Ephraim inyang and Akan Okon that are sponsoring Ekpoudom, Ekpuk Eshiet and other anti-Enoidem elements in Etim Ekpo to fight Enoidem and make Ekpoudom political leader.
2. Right now, the Information commissioner, Charles Udoh is going through hell in Ephraim Inyang’s hands, information made available reveals that Ephraim inyang thinks Charles Udoh is under performing as Information Commissioner, not articulate in his disposition of his job therefore has left the work of information Commissioner for him the Commissioner General to do.
3. Ephraim Inyang has usurped the functions of my kinsman, Pastor Paul Udofia, the Education Commissioner. It is Ephraim Inyang that handles student matters which is supposed to be under Paul Udofia’s ministry.
4. Hon Ephraim Inyang is the actual contractor in charge of most of the intervention jobs. He has turned Uwem Okoko of Hensek to his workman. He only dashes Uwem little tokens as money from the contract payment, of which Uwem is supposed to be paid directly. Uwem has complained to his friends that Ephraim Inyang once pocketed the entire contract payment for one of the intervention jobs awarded to Hensek. When Uwem asked him, Ephraim Inyang was said to have rebuffed him while promising he will give him some other job. For almost 2 years, Ephraim Inyang has not given Uwem any money from that payment. Uwem has no money whereas he is supposed to be rich from all the intervention jobs awarded officially to his company. He is Ephraim Inyang’s labourer. Ephraim Inyang has started his own company and is awarding most intervention jobs to himself and not to Uwem Okoko and Benji Udobia again.
5. Ephraim Inyang once assaulted a director in his ministry, Engr. Efiakedoho who is now a permanent secretary. He tormented another director, Engr. John Bassey almost on a daily basis for refusing to connive with him to steal money. What he used to give as reason for tormenting the man was that the man doesn’t attend his weekly Monday prayer meeting in the office. He so tormented and overworked the man that the man slumped and died recently at a construction site in Onna.
6. Ephraim Inyang hates anything Akpabio or Ukana. He hates the Akpabios so much. He ensured Gov Udom terminates the Oron-Okobo Road contract awarded to Emem Akpabio. He funded and gave documents to Barr. Leo Ekpenyong for Leo Ekpenyong’s petitions to EFCC against Godswill Akpabio. He said he was acting on Udom’s instruction. Akan Okon and Etido Inyang were Ephraim Inyang’s accomplices. If he dare as to deny this I will publish a over 1 hour recorded conversation I had with the Barrister.
7. To show how much he hates Akpabio, Ephraim Inyang recently blew the whistle on abandoned NDDC contracts knowing that most of the contractors got those jobs through being members of the PDP. Ephraim Inyang wants most of the Akpabio’s men destroyed and jailed for easy take over of their political structures.

As at the time of writing this report, a petition has been filed at the Force Headquarters by a group against Ephraim Inyang for using his private company in executing almost all of the construction jobs given out by his Ministry, the petition will be published subsequently ASAP.

A frontline group owned and funded by Ephraim Inyang, “Transformation Agenda” youth wing is collapsing its structures today, all of its members in the youth wing are decamping today to the APC, this is as a result of Ephraim Inyangs highhandedness and lackadaisical attitude to the plight of the youths. The leader of the youth wing today has been arrested by the police, Ephraim Inyang is afraid their decamping will completely erode his political relevance, there is heightened fear he might be assassinated. Bar Emem Ene Akpanwa is currently being held against his will. Family sources confirmed he is under interrogation in the guise of negotiations.
Some weeks ago, we read about how the Governor’s family members who decamped from PDP to APC, their lives is being threatened by the same force. General Ephraim Inyang is becoming a dangerous threat to our nascent democracy the former Custom officer is welding so much power and is currently intoxicatingly drunk.

If Udom’s political aspiration dies prematurely the whole of Onna should hold Ephraim responsible.
He should be made to understand Akwa Ibom State is greater than any one Man. If he is not aware, we should let him know, this State belongs to all of US.

Michael Ukanga Asuquo Mathew Udofia Ekpo Etukudo Ankejem 1.

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