Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia

When I read the Fed Govt through the minister for Labour and productivity Dr Chris Ngige claim that President Buhari led Fed Govt has spent about N1billion on Alex Ekwueme from the point of the sickness to the burial arrangement , I view it as a deliberate attempt to insult respected Alex Ekwueme and all of us .

*My points are :*

*(1)* Has Fed Govt published cost of state burial previously undertaken by the Fed Govt ? No ! So why publishing that they have spent N1 Billion on Ekwueme ?

*(2)* Did they give Ekwueme family this money for burial ? No !

*(3)* Did Fed Govt ever mention how much they spent on previous State burials like Awolowo burial , Zik , etc ? No . so why is APC led Govt insulting Ekwueme ?

*(4)* Is it not funny that APC led Fed Govt that could not tell the Country how much they spent on our dear President Buhari who spent about 5months in London Hospital , will be quick to announced that they spent N1billion on Ekwueme who spent about two weeks on the hospital bed ?

*(5)* I feel so bad that it is coming from our own respected Dr Chris Ngige . You don’t celebrate legend by such claim ! This is so insulting !

*(6)* Without the likes of Ekwueme and his team , there would not have been this 4th Republic or President Buhari led APC Govt ! So , I find it very difficult to accept such insult on late Ekwueme and what he stood for !

*(7)* OK , now that Ngige has told the world how much APC led Fed Govt spent on Ekwueme , can they also now info us how much they spent on President Buhari medical tourism ?

*(8)* Why is APC led Fed Govt thinking that they have achieved result by taking care of medical expenses of former late Vice President ? Are they not aware that Alex Ekwueme was entitled to some privileges which includes medicals from Fed Govt and as such , it should not be seen as achievements ?

*(9)* OK now that they have stated that they used N1billion on Ekwueme , can they submit the detail for public audit ? Oh yes ! Let them be more detail so that we can audit the N1billion to ascertain if they actually used N1billion for Alex Ekwueme medical and burial or used for ‘grass cutting’ inline with their #200million grass cutting figure !

*(10)* I hereby call on APC led Govt to tender unconditional apologize to Alex Ekwueme and all men and women of goodwill for such insult !

*(11)* With all due respect , for investigation of that N1billion claimed expenditure to ascertain where and how it was spent . Yes , let’s get it right .

*RIP legend !*

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