Hon Prince Ned Nwoko is a royal prince from Idumuje Ugboko royal family in Aniocha North LGA of Delta State.

Prior to his election as member of National Assembly representing Aniocha/Oshimili federal Constituency in 1999, he had already set up and had been maintaining one of the leading black law firms in UK, where he practices as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.

Hon Prince Ned Nwoko represents diligence, attentiveness, honor, royalty, integrity, empathy, benevolence and indeed finesses.
He has stubborn preference for distinction and he is a voracious reader that goes through any literature that comes his way.

Even his arch – rivals and adversaries always comes to term that he pays attention to the minutest of details.

His capacity for giving is impregnable, his philanthropy is exceptional and his preference for humanity is outstanding.
He is an exceptionally good man with an endearing and outstanding pedigree.

The bills sponsored by this erudite UK trained lawyer include the following:

(1) Bill for the establishment of National Information Network Centre

(2) A bill for an act establishing a National Disability allowance

(3) A bill for an act for prohibition of corporal punishment in schools

(4) A bill for an act for compulsory vehicle road worthiness test

(5) National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) reform bill (2000)

(6) A bill for an Act to establish Public Funds recovery and reward commission (Whistle blowing)

(7) A bill for the establishment of a National minimum wage council

(8) National minimum wage bill (1999)

(9) A bill for an Act to standardize allowances and fringe benefits payable to public government officials- Monetization Bill

(10) Bill for an Act for continuity of evidence in court proceedings

(11) A bill for an Act for compulsory professional indemnity in Nigeria

(12) A bill for an Act for the protection of Nigerians abroad

(13) A bill for the amendment of fire arms Act

(14) A bill for an Act for the consolidation of all Decrees

(15) A bill for the prohibition of expensive burial rites in Nigeria

(16) A bill for an Act for community legal service

(17) A bill for an Act for the convening of a National Conference

(18) Bill for an Act for establishing a National Sports University

(19) A bill for an Act for compulsory Fire & Insurance Regulations at Homes and Offices

(20) A bill for an Act to Regulate the Activities of Okada Riders in Nigeria

(21) A bill for Federal Government Contract Awards performance Act.

Hon Prince Ned Nwoko like the eagle is fearless, tenacious, possess vitality, non-scavenger and neither is he a pigeon but a high flyer with vision and as well someone who nurtures the younger one’s.

Hon Prince Ned Nwoko is being yearned for by the people of Anioma to represent them come 2019 in the red chambers of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria due to his exceptional track records and antecedents.

Indeed, Prince Ned Nwoko has endeared himself to the populace of Anioma and that’s why the yearning from Aniocha to Oshimili, from Oshimili to Ika, from Ika to Ndokwa Nation is echoing “HON PRINCE NED NWOKO FOR SENATE, DELTA NORTH COME 2019”.

The echo is everywhere and even in the streets across Anioma land as Hon Prince Ned Nwoko is here to answer the Clarion call in becoming the Senator, Delta North come 2019 with universal acceptability by vast majority of Anioma populace.

Odigiri Ween Bela.
Progressive and Social Youth Advocate.
West Africa Youth Ambassador.
(The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but at the end there it stands).

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