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There are strong reports from Ilorin, the state capital, on the tension currently gathering steam in the state over the contractors handling various projects under the intervention of Kwara State-UBEB and FG-UBEC. FG-UBEC/Kwara State UBEB 2013 Intervention Projects.

Findings revealed that, the contractors handling various projects under the intervention fund and the execution of the projects were stopped between May 2015 to August 2016, which was caused by the order for the transfer of money from the project account and delayed the payment of completed projects till date.

During this period, many contractors were living miserable lives, while some are late due to accrued interest on the loans collected from Banks for the purpose of execution of the contract. Most of the completed projects due for payment are yet to be paid to the contractors due to the directive from governor for the transfer of the money from the project account.

In an attempt to deceive them, Kwara State Universal Basic Education Board (KWSUBEB) tricked UBEC and they got approval for 2014 and 2015 projects since August 2016, the project was only advertise on daily news paper in late December 2016 for record purpose not for execution.
This action prompted UBEC for the routine projects monitoring, absent of money in the project account and zero performance of the tranche result to the frozen of the account.

UBEC wrote the Banks for the frozen of the projects account for non-compliance and violation of the UBEC guide line on the intervention projects.

Sources said, the Kwara State Governor, had ordered for the transfer of the cash to an unknown account, which is yet to be ascertained. Some of the contractors said, they were appealing to the Governor to please return the money to the projects account to help reduce the hardship the contractors are going through especially at this recession time.

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