Asiwaju Bola Tinubu issued a statement recently, saying Nigerians should not politicise the Buhari’s health. A former National Chairman of the APC, Chief Bisi Akande, expressed concern over the president’s health. Do you think both men are sincere with their comments?

They are far from being sincere. Both of them are playing politics and they are blaming other people of playing politics. Clearly, (Bola) Tinubu had the ambition to be vice president of Nigeria. He is blaming certain people for denying him the opportunity of becoming the vice president and eventually the president.

Clearly, (Bisi) Akande was being alarmist when he said some people are creating confusion.

He should tell us who are those people creating confusion? I believe he and Tinubu are the people throwing stones and blaming other people for not being patriotic.

They imagine that they can win sympathy so that when the time comes for a transition, it will be easy for them and they can justify the eventuality of Buhari’s inability to continue. So that they can manipulate their way to take over completely in 2019; one thing I know is that, if Vice President (Yemi) Osinbajo becomes the president from whatever date to 2019, he cannot contest that position again. This was the understanding that was reached with Jonathan Goodluck (with the PDP) and he reneged on it and nearly threw the country into a civil war.

This time around, those, whether from the North, South-South, South-West or South-East, who sign agreements with whomever, must make such public. They should also state the time when this agreement will come into force. We cannot now avoid the constitution.

If there is the need to follow the constitution we must follow the letter and spirit of the constitution – that is up till 2019.

Beyond that, power should come back to where Buhari comes from and remain there for a solid eight to 10 years – unless in running for a second term the person loses re-election.

There is nothing one can do about that.

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