George Onmonya Daniel

President Muhammadu Buhari would have been the best President we never had if he hadn’t won the 2015 presidential election. He would have gone down in history as a ‘legend’ and the myth that he was would have been told from generation to generation in Nigerian history. But just barely three years after he became president the man has been so demystified he has become a laughing stock. It is quite tragic. His complete lack of prowess as president and lack of understanding of what government and governance entails has simply turned him to an embarrassment. Once when you mention his name even people that don’t like him show respect, today he has lost it all and one of the thing he has completely lost is respect because of incompetence.

Despite the killings going on in the nation, he has continued to show that he is not simply concerned as if it is not the responsibility of the president to be in charge of security of the nation. He finds time to sneak in and out to States where Governors arrange supporters to wave at him screaming SAI BABA. And despite the realities on ground and on the Nigerian street, he sees and hears only what the people who have caged him allow him to see and hear.

He doesn’t need an Obasanjo to write him a letter to tell him the mood of the nation. His wife had mentioned it long time ago. But the people around him sang sweet songs to him that she is a woman and belonged to Za Oza room and doesn’t know what she is doing and saying.

President Buhari’s tale today reminds me of a story from the animal kingdom. Long long time ago the elephant was the King of the Jungle. Being King he enjoyed everything but his subjects were not happy, there was hunger in the land. The people around the elephant, the people he listened to, fed him story of prosperity in the land and how he was the best leader ever. They told him only what he wanted to hear and nothing else because they get the crumbs from the enjoyment. One day the squirrel got tired and decided to organize some animals, the ones who he could reason with, and he told them that if they don’t remove the elephant from power they would all die of hunger. The lion agreed, so the tiger, the giraffe and the eagle. Ideology separates us but dream and anguish brings us together. It was that anguish and dream that brought all of them together. So they dug a hole in the village square, a large hole, big enough to swallow the elephant, then they went to see him and told him they wanted to give him a traditional title. They praised him as the best leader ever. On that day the elephant saw the whole village square was decorated with leaves and flowers, he was pleased. They build him a wonder seat in the center of the square, he was overwhelmed. And they sang songs of praise. They beat drums praising him as the one and only, he belongs to all of them and belongs to nobody. And so they led him to the seat of honor, he never saw it until he step on the flowers on his way to the seat and fell into the hole. That was the end of his story as King.

People are being killed all over and President Buhari doesn’t even show an iota of remorse. His police and army chiefs are urging him that the people being killed are exaggerating or lying. In fact the people killing them are the victims. President Buhari only goes where he gets praises. Where people would sing his praise. The nation is hungry, he doesn’t care, fuel scarcity, it doesn’t bother him, nothing bothers him. After all he would tell you it is not his fault. Everything is his predecessor’s fault.

Some governors have endorsed him, singing to him that he is the best thing that has happened to Nigeria, the best thing ever. Baba Oyoyo, they sing to him. He is the King of kings, they tell him. And Baba Buhari just loves it.

Olusegun Obasanjo has warned him and they said he shouldn’t have warned him. How can you say anything about Baba Buhari, their Prophet. Other notable Nigerians are warning him to quietly step down but the people surrounding him are praising him. Let’s see how it goes. The pit is just in front of him and like most African leaders it looks like he will fall inside.

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