Goodwill message on Easter!

Dear compatriots,
There is no time most auspicious for a sobre reflection on human frailty, vulnerability and finitude than now. This year’s Easter anniversary, though marred by the ongoing global pandemic called Covid 19, challenges us as Christians to reflect on the deeper values of life and humanity. It is therefore important that we  remember that as mortals, God reigns supreme in all our affairs. Hence, we believe God will avail man the needed capacity to contain the pandemic.

The global scourge may put us through a temporary setback, but we must not lose our faith in God as the ultimate redeemer and saviour. This Easter should remind us why Christ came to die for our failings and foibles. To that extent, we must resolve to live better in order to bequeath lofty legacies.
Therefore, in the spirit of Easter, the leadership and stakeholders of Ekid People’s Union (EPU), enjoin us all to stay safe. Staying safe simply implies abiding by all directives issued by government in the desperate bid to contain the novel virus. It is for our good, as obedience to constitutes authorities is one of the requirements of our Christian faith. Thus, we are demanded to stay home and stay safe!

In simpler terms, “staying safe” means social or better out physical distancing, maintaining a high level of personal hygiene and obeying the shelter-at-place order issued by government. In our show of humanity, we must endeavour to act as sensitizing agents, reminding one another of a common enemy called Covid 19.

Meanwhile, EPU sincerely commends Akwa Ibom State government as well as all the stakeholders in healthcare services for the efforts and sacrifices made so far to keep us safe. It is our earnest prayer that God bless and keep us all in His grace to survive this trying moment. Happy Easter!

Dr Samuel Udonsak
(President General, Ekid People’s Union).

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