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Information leaked to Trail Reporters News, from the office of the Chairman, Delta State Local Government Service Commission, reveals that, there is an impending crisis currently brewing within the Service Commission headed by Hon. Joseph Otirhue.

Impeccable sources within the Commission disclosed to our Reporter, that the immediate past Secretary to the Commission, Mr. Clement Anighoro who was sacked as Secretary to the Commission and redeployed to Kwale as Head of Personnel Management (HPM) , has threatened the Commission’s Chairman and it’s Board members through a letter written on his behalf by his lawyer and addressed to the Commission Chairman, Hon. Joseph Otirhue, to allow him file a suit in court over an alleged conspiracy to cover up corrupt practices of forgery perpetrated by one of its HPMs, Mr. Joseph Akpodiete who got promoted with alleged forged documents which the Commission has deliberately refused to take action against.

Recollect that Trail Reporters had some months ago, published a report on the alleged corrupt practices perpetrated by some staff of the Delta State Local Government Service Commission and how the sacked Secretary of the Commission, Mr. Clement Anighoro had covered up corrupt practices including alleged forgery perpetrated by one of the HPMs currently serving in Kwale.

Discreet findings by our crack team of investigative Journalists, revealed that “The Unified Local Government Service Regulation 1977 (Laws of Old Bendel State as Applicable to Delta State) bars all members of the Service without prior sanction of the Board to threaten or begin legal proceedings on behalf of any Local Government” Contrary to the above Service Regulations, the aggrieved sacked Secretary, Mr. Clement Anighoro went ahead to threaten the Commission’s Chairman, Hon. Joseph Otirhue through a letter written by his lawyer to him to direct One Mr. Joseph Omoddibo, an Assistant Director in Ethiope West Local Government Area to retract a publication Trail Reporters had earlier published in November 2019, the role he played in covering up Mr. Akpodiete Joseph who allegedly used forged results and documents to get promotion to the rank of Head of Personnel Management (HPM) and other corrupt practices perpetrated by Mr. Akpodiete Joseph.

Speaking with a close confidant to Mr. Clement Anighoro, he revealed to our Reporter, that Anighoro has vowed to expose the Chairman of the Commission and other Board Members on the shady and corrupt deals they all jointly perpetrated in secret while he held sway as the Secretary to the Commission if the Chairman of the Commission refuses to approve his letter to file a suit against Mr. Omoddibo Joseph whom he alleged sponsored Trail Reporters to expose his corrupt practices.

Several calls placed to the Chairman of the Commission, Hon. Joseph Otirhue for his comments were unanswered as at the time of going to the press.

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