Written by Auwal Mustapha Imam

The former governor of Kano State, now Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso is scheduled to visit his home state and constituency Kano after a long time. His abstinence from events and occasions in Kano may not be unconnected with the feud between him and his successor, Ganduje. Ganduje has been his long-term political associate and a loyal partner until he grabbed power in 2015.

The loyalists of both sides of the divide are however very instrumental in fueling the crisis between the duo for their personal benefits. The crisis first emanated when Ganduje lost his mother around the end of 2015. It took his former boss more than a month to pay him condolence visit. And, when he finally landed in Kano for the condolence, his political thugs in red caps accompanied him to the place chanting unwelcome political rants. That was the first thing that ignited the open war from the side of Ganduje, he was even forced to reply harshly.

Since then, it has been so soar between them that Kwankwaso even find it difficult to visit his constituency for fear of been attacked by the Gandujes. It has happened at Minjibir and Kano palace during political event and sallah durbar respectively where the Kwankwasiyya members were attacked and injured. After the unfortunate attack on Kwankwasiyya members at the Emir’s palace, an Aide of governor Ganduje publicly accepted responsibility of the attack – even mentioned that they will do it whenever they feel uncomfortable with the redcaps anywhere.

Some governors tried to reconcile the two, but all efforts failed. The crisis led to the resignation of Rabiu Sulaiman Bichi, the former SSG. However, the two factions are always clear in voicing out their resolve to continue the impasse. Some Ganduje followers have even publicly declared that Kwankwaso will be attacked and arrested.

Now, it is a fact that Kano has never had a governor that initiated human, structural, infrastructural, academic and social reforms like Kwankwaso. His legacies in education alone cannot be erased by anyone. He has helped a lot. It is even on notice that hundreds of PhD holders, thousands of Masters degree holders, hundreds of pilots, hundreds of nurses, etc will accompany him to Kano on the 30th January, 2018.

But, Kwankwaso should know that there is no better legacy than peace. What will he stand to benefit if at the end of the day those people he has helped got injured by the to-be-sponsored thugs of the Ganduje faction – since till this moment, government has not come out to disown or condemn its commissioner for special duties Abdullahi Abbas, who declared that they will definitely do it? And, another Aide of Ganduje Alfindiki Faizu is still insisting that they will do it. What other thing does Kwankwaso want to show more than he has shown in the past?

As the popular Hausa saying goes “me laya ya kiyayi me zamani”. Kwankwaso was free during his time to humiliate and harass anyone he like politically, but he has no control structures to manipulate things now. This alone should teach the Kwankwasiyya followers that everything is a matter of time, and only peaceful agitation and revolution can give a better result – not engaging the Gandujes in crisis.

If I were Kwankwaso, I will enter Kano silently and leave without forming any gathering that may cause instability to the good people of Kano I love – that is if the love is a true one. This is not a time for political rallies. If the time comes, they will then have all reasons and cover to gather and engage opponents. No ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian.

A word is enough!

Allah ya kyauta.

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