Fred Oghenesivbe (EACGOVDELTA)

The signs are visible, the propaganda synergy is getting more coordinated and the attacks on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as well as past and present administrations in Delta State by the leaders and chieftains of the Delta State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has taken a strategic dimension.

Politics is basically the struggle for power and political actors do not relent in their individual, collective or group efforts in either retaining the political power or attempt to take over power.

It follows that while PDP Delta and Gov Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa desires to retain political power to further govern the state till 2023, the APC DELTA and its leaders shall mobilize huge financial sources from within and outside Delta State, call for greater political synergy from the centre, deploy strategic and damaging propaganda as a tool to wrestle power from PDP and governor Okowa in 2019.

The recent altercation between the immediate past governor of Delta State, His Excellency Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan and Prof Pat Utomi, an APC DELTA 2019 gubernatorial hopeful is largely traceable to the well planned media politics of the APC, to gradually deflate the Okowa administration by generating political issues on bad governance from the past administration and linking same to the present administration in the state.

The APC DELTA media strategy for which Prof Pat Utomi has been fingered as an arrowhead shall do the needful to utilize systematic “diversionary tactics” as an effective tool of political propaganda to divert the attention and focus of Deltans from the enviable performance of the Okowa administration and subtly appeal to the conscience of the people and gradually gain political popularity.

Prof Ben Kioski of the York University in the United States once posited that media and communication people in politics and government must do everything within their powers to consistently counter propaganda strategies of the opposition if they must deliver their principals at the polls or retain political power.

Kioski further warned that political souls are won faster through propaganda than election campaigns and charged campaign managers and political communication strategists never to ignore the cheapest and most uninteresting propaganda tool in strategic media politics.

Everybody is not a media politician and everybody cannot be a political communication strategist. The more you want to be “jack of all trade, the more you become master of none.” Specialty is key for increased productivity and attainment of our collective goals.

As the Executive Assistant to His Excellency the Governor of Delta State on Communication and as a member of the American Political Science Association (APSA); and International Political Science Association (IPSA), I will not fold my hands and watch the Governor’s political enemies, within and without, deploy propaganda tools or neglects subtle but highly destructive media politics to wreck havoc on the good governance initiatives of the Okowa administration as we approach 2019 election year. It is part of my assigned responsibilities.

In the light of the above, the leaders of the opposition parties particularly APC DELTA and its 2019 gubernatorial aspirants must be ready to taste the bitter pills of their stock in trade “Propaganda, falsehood and blackmail.”

The APC national government has failed Nigerians beyond imagination and yet its shameless leaders still gather some strength to question the integrity of PDP leaders and governors who ruled or govern this country for 16 years without economic recession.

The APC at the centre inherited buoyant economy and ruined it through clueless socioeconomic policies and anti people programmes. The dollar exchanged for N158 in 2015 and crashed under the Buhari administration to a shameful N380 to the dollar.

I will never fold my hands and watch the opposition deploy strategic media politics flavoured in subtle propaganda to gradually wreck havoc on the governor and his administration. We must do the needful, render quality and strategic media advise to His Excellency the Governor so that his political detractors and enemies within and in the opposition do not gain upper hands as we approach the forthcoming general elections.

APC DELTA has no political and electioneering substance in the state but we must think faster and move faster to perpetually relegate the opposition to obscurity and thereafter win the 2019 elecions with a wide margin.

We must not allow the governor’s political detractors and their subtle propaganda to penetrate and gather steam before we counter and puncture them as was the case in 2015 which led to APC victory at the centre.


OKOWA TILL MAY 29, 2023.



  1. Please don’t misinformed the people of Delta State because you want to promote your principal PDP laid the foundation of economic recession particularly during the regime of clueless GEJ all the economic gains made by OBJ and Yaradua regimes were flittered away by reckless regime that succeeded the two regimes.

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