Edo 2020: APC Members Okay Mass Defection To PDP

…Ready To Fight Injustice, Oshiomhole’s Despotic Reenactment of Godfatherism.


Edo politics should never be compared in anyway to that of Lagos, where Senator Ahmed Tinubu is worshipped like the sea goddess. In Lagos and by extension the whole of South-West, the fear of JAGABAN is the beginning of political wisdom. His grip on Yoruba politics remained firm till this day and still counting.

If Tinubu were to be an Edo politician, his luck would have suffered major political accident, long time ago. Edo people are hyper sensitive, abhors self centeredness and crude leadership style. They hate to be overwhelmed by overzealousness of any kind and have the collective willpower to size up greedy power hijackers.

It was the late Esan born political mathematician, Chief Tony Anenih, who had the capacity to effectively control the political machinery of Edo politics for nearly two decades, together with the Esama of Benin, Chief Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion.

These two political associates and great leaders on Edo politics cannot be forgotten so soon, especially in the area of strategic electioneering dynamics and last minutes alignment and realignments for victory. Anenih rose to become a leading light in national politics and played vital roles in complex political chess games in our collective quest for sustainable democracy.

The duo of Anenih and Esama can safely be described as the big masquerades of Edo politics. Anenih is no more; Esama is dazzling but not too active due to old age and his devotion to the things of God, more than partisan politics. Pa Igbinedion is now an elder statesman.

They were the undisputed “godfathers” of Edo politics.There were others, but these two political gladiators recorded uncommon strides in state and national politics. The much talked about Edo political godfatherism syndrome emanated from these two wise men in partnership with the likes of Chief Tom Ikimi, Gentleman Amegor, late Chief Osaigbovo Ogbemudia, Chief Nosakhare Isekhure, Chief J.O Sadoh, etcetera.

It follows that political godfatherism was well entrenched in Edo politics until Comrade Adams Oshiomole showed up in the political radar, fresh from the street as a Unionist and former President of the Nigerian Labour Congress, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, reigned supreme in the state.

Oshiomhole, it was who fought his way through the Courts to reclaim his mandate and crashed political godfatherism; formed a synergy with the masses against political godfathers in Edo state, and was reelected for second tenure.

He practically killed the “godfatherism” virus in the state, retired the likes of Tom Ikimi and assured the people that there shall be no more political oppression via godfatherism. And in appreciation, Edo people adored him as a hero of democracy.

But something happened. Oshiomhole grew wild, suggestive of betrayal as he gradually and systematically made moves to reenact the status-quo and consciously reintroduced godfatherism through the back door.

Barely a year after he handed over power to his best friend and associate, Mr Godwin Obaseki, Oshiomhole started dictating to his successor, and practically turned Edo State Government House to his farmland, just to ensure that Gov Obaseki obeyed his orders to the last letter, thereby reducing him to the negative status of a sitting governor without executive control of the affairs of government.

Reliable sources averred that Initially, Obaseki tried hard not to offend his former boss and friend, but the overbearing despotic nature of Oshiomhole crashed Obaseki’s patient, loyalty and respect for him. And when Oshiomhole became National Chairman of APC, he began to deploy his powers to ridicule Obaseki. It grew worse and their once rosy relationship crashed like a pack of card.

Obaseki, before becoming Governor of Edo State, already achieved a good measure of success as an internationally recognized investment consultant and stockbroker. His company, Afrivest West Africa, handled the setting up and smooth take off of some of the now vibrant new generation banks, and also managed investment and stock portfolios of the Dangote Group.

It is safe to assert that Obaseki is an investment impresario with enviable track records, which was why Oshiomhole engaged his services and made him the Chairman of Edo State Government Economic Team, to midwife the economic remodelling blueprint during his eight years tenure.

Infact, Obaseki was the overall “brain box” of Oshiomhole’s eight years tenure as the governor of Edo State. These facts were disclosed to the good people of Edo State by Oshiomhole himself, before and during Obaseki’s electioneering campaign tour of the state in 2016; wherein Oshiomhole lampooned Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu, and referred to him as a dreaded “Edo treasury looter” together with his friend and former governor of the State, Chief Lucky Nosakhare Igbinedion.

The very reason why Edo people are demanding for the crucification of Oshiomhole is not far fetched. They accused him of dubious intentions to reintroduce political godfatherism in the state, and for deliberately not appreciating the enviable performance of Obaseki, especially the uncommon socioeconomic transformation of the State and prudent management of state resources.

Second reason is that Oshiomhole, who during the 2016 APC electioneeringvcampaign for Obaseki, told Edo people not to allow Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu, govern the state because of the billions of Naira, he and Lucky Igbinedion, stole from the state treasury between 1999 and 2007, is now speaking from both sides of his mouth, projecting the same treasury looter, Osagie to be the next governor of Edo State, in 2020. The question is; where is Oshiomhole’s integrity and honesty in all of these complicated games of deception?

Edo people are no push over, hence they have decided to sacrifice Oshiomhole on the altar of “deceptive” politics, so as to enable Obaseki continue with his good governance strides, and be reelected for second tenure.

Edo people vowed not to allow Oshiomhole play on their collective intelligence this time around. The Osagie you called the devil yesterday cannot suddenly become an Angel today, without open confession and genuine repentance, especially in a situation where your verifiable allegations still hang on Osagie Ize Iyamu’s neck, pastor or no pastor, as alleged by Oshiomhole.

These are some of the injustice perpetuated against Obaseki, by the ousted APC National Chairman, Oshiomhole, which the Edo people agreed to resist with their God given potentials. They are persuading Obaseki and his deputy to defect to PDP, so as to teach Oshiomhole, a bitter political lesson.

It was learnt that over eighty percent (80%) of APC members in Edo State, under the Chairmanship of result oriented and dogged Barrister Anslem Ojezua, have pledged absolute loyalty to Obaseki, his deputy, Philip Shaibu, and have in the same token perfected mass defection to PDP, in the coming hours and days. So be it!

Obaseki is the governor, PDP is the party.

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