Facebook, WhatsApp, And Instagram: Lessons To Learn In Business And Life-Godday Odidi

At about 4:21 pm on Monday, I made a post on my Whatsapp status, I saw that the message could not be delivered. So, I quickly saw a news headline on CNN through google, said the three social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp suffered outages and It would be restored soon.

But a few days ago, I saw a Whistleblower on TV, Frances Haugen complaining about how Facebook is using its platform to spread hate speech, violence, and wrong information. I did not take cognizance of it.

So, I was reading through all the foreign news on sudden outages that caused many people to lose billions and millions of naira and dollars in a few hours including Mark Zuckerberg who lost about $7 billion and also dropped from the top billionaire list in the world.

Other foreign news platforms reported similar issues that caused the three social media platforms to shut down. They used the Twitter platform to announce the outages and pleaded with users to exercise patience with them.

I also read much local news on the issue, some reported correctly while some reported as if the three social media platforms can’t have issues at all. Some social media posters did not understand what went wrong also. Some thought, it was their cell phones’ fault.

I knew that these three social media platforms would be shut down as a result of the way the Whistleblower complained about Facebook on internal documents of spreading hate speech. The social media platforms have been restored according to Mark Zuckerberg who posted on his platform to plead with users some hours ago.

Other news headlines and foreign security experts, said the three social media platforms might have been hacked and which the CEO did not disclose to anyone except the top management team.

No business that does not suffer a setback, is not peculiar to only Africa. In business, you suffer losses unexpectedly. If you have not suffered loss, means you are not in business.

In life, you must break down, you can be healthy through your sojourn on earth. Everything can’t be smooth. You must face challenges which Mark Zuckerberg faced yesterday.

Life is a journey we must all be prepared to leave the earth one day.

Mark Zuckerberg felt the loss and he fixed the issues after some hours of users trying to use his social media platforms.

We must prepare for the rainy day, everything can’t be rosy at all times.

Yes, many people lost communication with clients, friends, and family around the world. Some competitors of Mark Zuckerberg also rejoiced over the outages to make their platforms come alive.

This is not the first time Facebook has shut down but this outage stayed for hours that kept many users frustrated.

Whether we like it or not, social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram made communication very easy for people around the world and Africa.

These three social media platforms brought many innovations to the technology world. It made many young and old people think out of their boxes.

No doubt, these three social media platforms have their disadvantages to the world and Africa. Mark Zuckerberg did not force anybody to use his platforms, it is your choice to use it or not.

Nobody who does not face challenges in life, the ability to stand strong that makes someone a champion.

Mark Zuckerberg is a smart entrepreneur, so he understands how to fix business challenges in time.

Ask any successful businessman or woman to tell you his or her challenges, you will be surprised that Mark Zuckerberg is learning.

This is an eye-opener to everyone one of us that at some point, you fall to rise again. Social media platforms have come to stay. Success is not for low thinkers but big thinkers. Challenges make us stronger, bigger, and better in life.

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