Pius Adesanmi

Hearty and warm congratulations to Senate President, His Excellency Alhaji Chief Bukola Saraki, who has, once again, earned a commendable victory over the people of Nigeria.

He has been defeating the Nigerian people since the days of his robbery at Societe-Generale Bank, through eight years of massive robbery as Governor of Kwara State, onward to aloota continua in the Senate. Every attempt to make him pay for his crimes has failed.

Because of our system.
Because of who we are.

I want to move on quickly to an inconsequential footnote to Saraki’s victory at the tribunal today. A few days ago, a life was reportedly lost in Kogi state. I understand he was a Polytechnic student.

He lost his life to the fracas between His Excellencies Dino Melaye, Smart Adeyemi, and Yahaya Bello. There has been a lot of back and forth between the feuding parties. However, the most important thing is that a life was lost on Dino’s account. He went to Kogi to taunt his opponents.

Today, there will be jubilation and celebration in Saraki’s ranks in Abuja. There will be rivers of champagne. There will be chops. And the obligatory well endowed light skinned concubines and girlfriends will be available in abundance. Dino will be there as Saraki’s body guard and choreographer of events. The student who died this week on his account and all those injured while rallying for politicians and taking sides are a footnote. They will not be remembered even for one second in the middle of the celebrations.

Your victorious oppressors will always celebrate over your graves and broken bones until you borrow yourselves brain and stop tearing at each other on account of these people.

I promise that dead student; I promise the injured this: should political calculations towards 2019 necessitate strategic realignments and kissing and making up, you may yet see Saraki, Dino, Smart, and Yahaya Bello on the same campaign podium, hugging and back-patting.

Keep fighting. Keep dying for them.

I will always be ready to chronicle their victories. And your broken bones. And your lost lives.

Ko si problem.

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