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The Chairman of Eket Local Government Council, Mr. Frank Archibong, has urged all indigenes of Ekid, who are up to the voting age of 18 and above, and are yet to register for their voters card, to use this opportunity opened, to do so.

He disclosed that, each ward in Eket, will have 3days to complete their registration and obtain a new voters card.

The schedule for wards in Eket are as follows:

22nd-24th January, 2018, Urban 1. Venue is at St.Francis Primary School, Ikot Ataku.

25-29th January, 2018, Urban 2. Venue, Holy Child Primary school, Idua.

30th January to February 1, Urban 3. Venue, Government Primary School, Ikot Ebiyan.

2nd to 6th February, Urban 4, Primary School, Enen Ekpene.

7th to 9th February, Central 1, Primary School, Afaha Atai.

12th to 14th February, Central 2, Primary School, Ikot Ibiok.

15th to 19th February, Central 3, Primary School, Ikot Uso Ekong.

20th to 22nd February, Central 4, Primary School, Efoi.

23rd to 27th February, Central 5, Primary School, Odio.

28th to 2nd March, Okon 1, Primary School, Ikot Obio Anana.

5th to 7th March, Okon 2, Primary School Okon, opposite Health centre.

8th to 12th March, Urban 3, Government Primary School, Ikot Ebiyan.

13th to 15th March, Central 2, Primary School, Ikot Ibiok.

16th to 20th March, Central 5, Primary School, Odio.

The Chairman enjoins all leaders at different levels, to encourage their people to come out and be a part of the registration exercise.

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