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Former House of Reps Member, Mr.Bassey Dan Abia Jnr, has put paid to his rumoured defection to the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), saying, he was strongly with the All Progressives Congress(APC). He queried that there was no motivation in his jumping ship. That at his age, he ought to sit with his people to discuss that, if he was to.

Bassey Dan Abia Jnr, stated this, in an exclusive interview with Trail Reporters, where he bade his mind on a wide range of issues, including the defection of Former Governor Godswill Akpabio.

Since it has been rumoured that he was leaving the APC because of Akpabio’s defection, Dan Abia said, Akpabio is a principality and a major demon, but, for the purpose of his defection, he was willing to dine with him, because the demon is desirable, for the purpose of 2019, even if it meant covering himself with anointing oil, they want him in APC. He said, they have accepted Akpabio as their leader in APC, as the highest political office holder in the Party.

The Former Rep said, Senator Etang Umoyo is an insignificant figure. He is not a member of the All Progressives Congress. I was the one who received Umoyo to APC barely a year ago. Etang Umoyo and his brother Theophilus, defected same day to the PDP. The meeting purportedly called by Umoyo last week, was sponsored by PDP. He said, Theophilus Umoyo was consulted last week by the current House of Reps Member, Mrs.Ekpoattai, where he got some cash, and was also there when Usoro Akpanusoh, the Esit Eket/Ibeno State House Member consulted PDP stakeholders.

According to him, Senator Umoyo is a self acclaimed Political Leader. Because he is not a Leader of APC, as he cannot lead even in Etebi where he comes from, and he shouldn’t be taken seriously, as he can’t speak for Etebi, because even when he was in PDP, Ibanga Etang was his Political Leader.

He accused the former Senator of changing the 2014 list of the APC in his ward, by changing the ward Chairman, and bringing his relation. That he condemns and speak against Benji Udobia, but he is worst, when he also insisted on producing the Vice Chairmanship candidate of the Party in the last local government elections, and stated that aside Umoyo, every other person is a supporter of Nsima Ekere in APC in Esit Eket.

On the gubernatorial ambition of his Elder brother, who is the former Managing Director of NDDC, he said there were rumours, but he was qualified to vie.

Today in Akwa Ibom, we are building a worship center. When out of a 100 Akwa Ibomites, twenty percent are Christians, ten percent are traditional worshippers, the rest are eclectic, who believe in beer, pepper soup and everything.

The Specialist Hospital in Uyo is not functional. Imoh Udobia had a burst vein, because the Neurosurgeons had left the hospital, two weeks before the incident. Imoh struggled for twenty four hours and died. Another place where such equipments were, was the Government House clinic, and the person who was with the key wasn’t available.

The PDP administration squandered the money which was meant to equip the Nigerian Army to fight Boko Haram. Dasuki is still been held for that. On Dasuki’s bail, the Former House of Reps Member said, it was for National interest, and that the condemnation of Buhari’s government refusing Dasuki bail, there was an exception, as PDP had held Al Mustapha for years.

Dan Abia said, he spent over a hundred million Naira In litigating, as his last case with Eseme ended in June, 2018.

He declared his support for Buhari in 2019, and said he desires to see positive changes in 2019 in Akwa Ibom State.

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