Abdul Rasak
“He is not joking but stating facts. If they dont act smart by reaching an agreement with him on how to settle the issue they will wake up to see him take over the bank soon.

They wronged him by mischievously debiting his account wrongly, when he raised alarm instead of the bank to apologize and redeem their image with him, they foolishly refused and dared him to do his worse. Gtb e go shock una soon.”

Surveyor Jones
“No wonder the name has changed from GTBANK to GTCO. Una better settle this matter quick before you guys go lose your value in the banking sector…… 🇳🇬 Everywhere wahala!!!!!! ”

Simeon Abraham
“Pls before you take over, they should refund my money they deducted for airtime I purchased without giving me the airtime.”

Chibueze Udu

“G T bank also did the same thing to me ,they are scammer in that bank now no money is safe with them for now.”

Barry Barry
“No wonder they are stealing money from people’s account.”

Emmanuel Akionla

“I will advise anyone who is having an account with the bank to close the account with Guaranty Trust before Innosson will take over because that bank is full of fraud they.
They will make your money disappear before the court finally grants Innosson the ownership of the bank.
They did it to me last month. My money just grew wings and disappeared from my account and till now, GTB hasn’t done anything about it even after i had complained and filled form at the bank.”

James Ina
“They took my 16k in 2018 and called it service charges…I pressed for refund…no help.Ler them pay me before you take over sir.”

Idrith Garba
“Something is fishy about that GT, that’s why I stopped banking with them.”

Efforts to speak with the Corporate Communications Department of the bank were unsuccessful, as the Consultant never got back to us on our enquiries at the time of publication.

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