Chief Obono – Obla is a Senior Special Assistant to the president on prosecutions, he also doubles as the Chairman, Special Presidential Investigation Panel on the Recovery of Public Property. He is ‘debatably’ a Non – Executive Commissioner NCC, South-South as well.

A man with numerous appointments and benefits from the presidency and still counting, even though one would argue that they are not all salary jobs. But in a country of over one hundred and eighty- two million persons, a single individual has been selected for the numerous job, well good for him, as he thus has a diversified springs of income.

But it would be well out of place for such a person to allege that Nigerians are greedy or Oliver twist, as they are not contented with their meagre salaries. It is out of place for such a man who enjoys the good will of the country and has hence gotten different sources of income, to come to the open and condemn people for daring to aspire above their nose. When his different appointment can be shared among people and hence create job opportunity and also bring about efficiency and professionalism in the nation’s public system.

It is so hypocritical for one who flies in the wings of multiple appointment and still counting to say it is not normal for also a young graduate to live in the heart of the city. This is discriminatory, appalling, sentimental and … this breed of leaders who prefer to live in high heavens while their followers and governed live in penury amazes me. As reflected in his recent interview granted to Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Wednesday August 16th, his position kept well-meaning Nigerians and the general populist thinking of his ‘would be’ style of leadership when he gets into elective and executive positions.

It is important to resound to politicians that to who more is given more is expected. In as much as I don’t support the masses begging or soliciting funds from the ruling class, I also do feel it is improper for leaders to think of their followers in less human manner or ascribe them as not important set of people. It is also important to use this medium to reiterate the importance of fairness and equal treatment for all irrespective of their social class, age, colour, political affiliation, religion and ethnicity.

The Chief should hence, begin to think of the masses first, because that is the bases of leadership. He should begin to take the welfare of the people as his warfare and not fun fare, and also paramount duty, and portray himself as the people’s centered leader. Hence 2019 might just be another mirage waiting to unfold its self. We should remember, you can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time. But you cannot fool all the people all the time.

The writer is an apolitical columnist and analyst void of any form of sentiment. This piece is not a diatribe to any person, institution or body and should not be regarded or seen as malicious or defamatory.

Victor Adaha
(Mr. Apolitical)

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