I would have been Akpabio’s Commissioner if he had begged me – Ezekiel Nyaetok

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Candidate of the African Democratic Congress, Arch Ezekiel Nyaetok has stated that, he would have considered being a Commissioner in Godswill Akpabio’s government, if he had begged me.

Nyaetok stated this, when he hosted newsmen at his Novone Estate, in Uyo. According to him, when a Governor gives you appointed like he was doing you a favour, he may not fund the ministry.

Once a Governor begs you to come and serve in his administration, he will fund the ministry and you won’t fail.

Nyaetok further stated that, a man of his caliber, whose cost of flight ticket is the salary of a Commissioner, it will be difficult to cope.

He gave an insight to rumours on his consideration in Umo Eno’s government as Commissioner, and said that will be a difficult job to take.

Umo Eno’s niceness is affecting me politically. The Governor is over nice by his charisma and warm ambience he exudes each time he meets a supposed opponent.

I am into my private practice, and I’m very comfortable. If I get an appointment in the area of youths, or rural development, it will be a major issue, because of the passion I have for rural development.

When I was consulting for elections, I covered all the villages, and I have documentaries detailing every problem of all the communities in Akwa Ibom State.

We’re at the appeal court, based on the ruling of the tribunal against us, so, until the appeallate court and supreme Court rules, we don’t know who will remain as Governor, or who will come in, Nyaetok stated.

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