…I weep for my Anambra

Richard Obieki

Ikedife Jnr is the deputy governorship candidate of Hon. Tony Nwoye of All Progressive Congress (APC) in the forth coming governorship election in Ananbra State. A school dropout who filed WAEC certificate at INEC due to the atrocities he committed during his days at University of Nigeria Nsukka.

While his parents sent him to school to acquire sound education, he chose to join a bad gang which led to him committing murder.

To this, he took to his heels and ran for his life and later returned to Nnewi after many years under the protection of his father, Dozie Ikedife. This makes him “Onye gbalu oso ochu” as the Igbo’s describe such and anyone who was once ostracized is not fit to be a leader. This is the kind of candidate APC is giving Ndi Anambra!

His father, Dr Ikedife is the deputy supreme commander of the secessionists Group, IPOB which has sent so many of our young men and women to the streets and got them killed by the Nigerian soldiers of the APC led government.

Unlike the popular saying,” in the country of the blind, one eyed man is king” what I see these days leave me with goose pimples! Anambra is a state that parades the best of intellectuals and professionals, so APC filing candidates that has spent 20 years studying Medicine and Surgery and another with WAEC as the highest qualification, is insulting to Ndi Anambra in general!

How can Ndi Anambra be fooled to vote in murderers as a governor and a deputy?

How can the leader of IPOB give his son to APC that have killed thousands of young people agitating for Biafra as their deputy Governorship candidate? What an irony?

Does this not show that he has sold out IPOB for a plate of porridge?

What happens to the struggle with this kind of marriage between Dr Ikedife and APC?

What happens to the innocent lives that were wasted whom Dr Ikedife and co sent to the streets to agitate for fhe Biafran struggle?

The blood of these innocent people will soon come for revenge!

Anambra has moved far above politics of thuggery and one can categorically say that Tony Nwoye and his deputy are unfit to be leaders.

The activities of Tony Nwoye and his gang both as students and as thugs in the hands of the then blood tasty PDP are still fresh in the minds of Anambrarians.

In APC, we have a renowned cultist who killed Barr Barnabas Igwe and his pregnant wife and burnt down government properties with impunity, as a governorship candidate; and a school drop out who ran away for murder, as a deputy governorship candidate.

Tufiakwa… I weep for my Anambra.

*Obieki is an Anambra born Public Affairs Analyst based in Abuja*

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