Tom Garba

If all our politicians in Nigeria can be what this Woman stand to be then I think our case is settle in this country.

Well some say she is Maman Taraba,but today I call her the Woman with a sincerity heart and also I know her as the present Minister of Women Affairs and former Governorship aspirant of Taraba state.

If there is any truth in the comments she made trending in the media, she has bought me over as her new fan, I love those that are courageous, honest and bold.

If we must lie to save our face, then we set a dangerous precedent for the oncoming generation. While loyalty and honour no longer exists in the Nigerian dictionary, it is clear that many men would sell theirs for a plate of porridge, our politicians have repeatedly emphasized this to us.

It doesn’t matter whether Atiku wins or loses, what is clear is that there are some that will stand with him in thick and thin.

This is clearly what has sold me over to Mrs Aisha Alhassan and i have no apologies about it…

Atiku now the Man at the moment…….a count down to 2019 breezing up

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