Reacting to Obiano’s claim, the Media aide to the former Governor, Mr. Valentine Obienyem described it as a desperate statement from a man not sure of his survival and is busy clutching at the straw.

Further, Obienyem recalled how, on the 23rd of December, 2016, Gov. Obiano, for the first time since becoming Governor, visited Obi with a Bishop and said he had come to beg Obi to forgive him all the wrongs he had done to him and to help him win a re-election. Obienyem said Obi asked him about the claim that he requested 7 billion from him, whereupon Obiano said said that he never said so and that it was his aides and Chief Joe Martin Uzodike that did.

Obienyem said that it was left for the bishop in question and many others that have followed the falsehood to gauge the character of a man entrusted with such a high position.

Obienyem continues “It is unimaginable and unthinkable that Obi would leave 156 million dollars, 25 billion Naira in local currency and another 23. 6 billion Naira set aside funds in local currency for Obiano and be demanding 7 billion Naira from him even when he had five months before hand over to take the money and still have plenty to hand over to him”

” Our Governor has made himself a laughing stock. How can he be soaking himself in lies? The other day, he said he exported 5 million dollars worth of Ugu, exported Onugbu, rice and have orders to export 10 million tubers of yam even when Anambra buys yam from other states, and wants to be taken seriously?”

Concluding, Obienyem said Anambra people should request Obiano to account for the over 400 billion Naira he had received, including the 7 billion he refused to pay to Obi. He said that now election was near and Anambra people were asking him to tell them what he had done, he was busy diverting attention by inventing lies. Let him show schedule of debt he claimed Obi owed and wondered how a man who calls himself an accountant would include unexecuted contracts as debt?

Obienyem said after he had paid people, including Chief Dan Ulasi to talk about 7billion and it was not working, Chief Victor Umeh and others persuaded and almost forced him to say so himself. “With this last joker, Anambra people now wait for him to tell us what he has done.”

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