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The multi cultural and multi religious beliefs of Nigerian people are the most unifying factor of a corporate Nigeria whose existence is solely depending on the many tribes and ethnics groups the country is housing. Because of bad leadership the ordained uniqueness of this country is becoming a serious problem with each fraction of tribe (people) are complaining of either marginalization or sidelined. The conscious effort of Nigerian people is divided along religion, tribe and sectional beliefs. I can’t feel oneness and together as I used to feel before, morals are in a form of decadence,culture values have gone out from the senses our people because no one to manage them well.

Because of bad leadership religion is now a huge determinant factor in the country’s election. Leadership problem has been taken to playing games of sectional and regional politics, leadership in Nigeria has cause us to lost great leaders with great minds, like the Awos, the Balewas, the Bellos and the Takaas who they were untimely exchanged with dead because of the believes of some regional acclaimed leaders we had.

My piece is on Atiku Abubakar, the Turakin Adamawa who Much has been said and will still be saying about him ,much has been written and many people will still be writing for this Man of unique destiny. My Morals,my conscious will never let me be free if I do not write my own little Epistle on the personality and the character of this great Man of our time. Yes this is the Man of the moment that we can’t afford to miss in the corridors of Nigeria helms of affairs, possible the only Man In this country who single handedly represents all Nigerians in his world of affairs.

In his kind of world,he has all kinds of Nigerians, in his journey ways of life,he walks and meet different Nigerians, in his kind of politics,within his cycle is a representation of Nigeria as stake holders are drawn out of the 774 LGAs areas we are having in this country, he involved and work with every body.

Being a business talented Man, he has all Nigerians in his business consortium  though from Adamawa State,but in his business conglomerate is whole lots of Nigerians . His house setting will no doubt convince you that Atiku Abubakar is a complete single representation of Nigeria. Where the Hausas, Yorubas and Igbos are major stakeholders.

One of the Man in this country that is discipline and his discipline traverse to his generation (children), even for once no report that Atiku’s children are unruly ,bringing his name to a public domain, I have never heard any funny reports within and outside the country of his children waywardness as we do reads or hear of other people children over the media.

I share the same view then with many other people out there who are not privilege with this purposeful leader, where then I thought the man’s interest is to plunder in the wealth of the nation. After much I could have thought my Man of many enviable character and qualities is probably having the agenda of enriching himself,but of
recent my Burns were electrocuted down when I heard this great Man recently gave an inaugural speech during the occasion of the 10th Annual Founder’s ceremony of the American University of Nigeria (AUN) founded by him in Yola, with a passion and concern Atiku said:

“The country had done a poor job in handling its natural resource endowment and therefore should not squander its human resource as he called for education reform which will make government at all levels to provide free and universal basic

The former Vice President believe that only Education can safe the country as all sectors are in the state of total collapse. He emphasis the present Government not to gamble with Education as is the only sector that can resuscitate our dying system. In his keynote address entitled ” Beyond Terrorism: The need for Education reform”, the Turaki Adamawa hammered on the failure of past leadership to had mishandled the educational sector. He called the attention of present administration to recognize that education holds the key to any growing economy otherwise we may squander our human resource much as we have squandered our natural resource endowment.

He continued saying that through education reforms supporting access to qualitative education to all its youths, we
can be able to disabuse the minds of our youths who unleash terror, adding that nothing can justify the killing of any

” We can ask them to drop their guns and take up other means of productive activities, because this mindless killings
of others through insurgency cannot be justified.”

The words of a leader are the marbles wisdom of life and such at this point I suggest to all Nigerians that Atiku Abubakar should be our prayer point, should be a yearning burning desire to be our leader in a near possible future.

Huh! I’m feeling him, the radical Man, radically ready to change Nigeria for good

Atiku Abubakar : The anticipated leader of our time


  1. Atiku Abubakar, The man for Nigeria and Nigerians……Turaki for good governance and better life for all.

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