N189,000 Meant for a Child’s School Fees Stolen From Ex-Corps Member’s UBA Account

Opeyemi Lawal

Adenike Abolade, an ex-corps member, has detailed how N189,000 left her United Bank for Africa (UBA) account through a transaction she did not authorise.

Speaking with FIJ, Abolade said she noticed someone had hacked into her UBA account on May 6 after she received debits for transactions she did not sanction.

“On Saturday, an unauthorised transaction happened on my phone without my consent,” Abolade told FIJ.

“Someone I don’t know hacked into my account and stole N189,953 from it without my knowledge.”

Abolade said when she visited two different branches of the bank, the officials told her nothing could be done to recover her stolen money.

“I went to UBA’s branches in Molete and Dugbe to complain about the unauthorised debit, but they said there was nothing they could do about it,” she said.

“They also said I had chatted with a fake Leo (the bank’s AI robot), which might have led to the compromise on my account. But I do not believe them. I chatted with Leo in February.”

The ex-corps member said the money stolen from her UBA account belonged to a grandmother who needed to pay her grandchild’s school fees.

The money is not mine; it was sent into my account for a grandmother who wanted to pay her grandchild’s school fees,” she said.

“The grandmother did not have an account, and she asked to use mine. Three days after I received the money, it was stolen.”

FIJ’s email to the United Bank for Africa on Tuesday afternoon had yet to be responded to at press time.

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