There were laying of wreaths and celebrating the army forces day across the nation as indeed it should be done for on this day in 1966 the Nigerian army saw fit to overthrow an elected government with bloodshed across our land.

This singular action plunged this nation into mediocrity and poor governance that has become her portion up to and including the present days rulers of this once great nation.

The founding fathers of our country knew that Nigeria is a collection of people with little or nothing in common joined together to forge a not imperfect union. These early leaders had a blue print.

Too often we got the need for a blueprint and this lack of blueprint has led our country into a shithole country as in the words of Donald Trump
This vile and racism man in saying that Nigerians who leave their small huts will never go back to their country was not referring to our lack of blueprint and good governance.

You see too often we jump and hail racism and embrace the racist as in this case of Donald Trump because we think he was saying the right thing, no he wasn’t and his denigration of Nigeria must not be celebrated even in the face of bad governance.

There is no gain saying that our modern politicians on election have no blueprint for what they want to accomplish except perhaps road construction. Party activities and decamping have become the order of event.

A country that her president was away on health treatment for over 100 days and the officials used that occasion to gain foreign exchange dollars just to visit him in London is a shithole country.

A country that governors have money set aside called security code funds is a shithole country.

A country that the National Assembly do not understand that independence of the legislature does not mean separate funding and consumption of a third of the national budget to cover less than six hundred Nigerians expenses is a shithole country.

A country that a presiding officer slept in a car and got elected into his position as a presiding officer not with majority votes of his party, is a shithole country.

A country that allows a rookie senator to a position of minority leader breaking all norms and protocol is a shithole country.

A country that the army are deployed into the streets and murders the citizens is a shithole country.

A country that the courthouse officials and the judges are bribed is a shithole country.

A country that the youths have reverted to prostitution just to survive is a shithole country.

A country that the churches have become a cult and the mosques a training ground for terrorism is a shithole country
A country that thieves are bestowed with chieftains title and celebrated is a shithole country.

Now as for Donald Trump and his racism, you see this writer and his wife owned seven Papa John’s Resturant, A Jakes Wayback burgers, two subway sandwich restaurants employed over 200 American citizens and we did that as citizens of a shithole country called Nigeria.
Owned an extensive real estate holdings and at one time represented Americans in the court and I am from a shithole country called Nigeria.

This shithole country produced folks who are noble prize winners great musicians like Fela, first Catholic Church black cardinal from Calabar, and yes shithole country Nigeria has done well on an individual basis but this racist comment is a call to duty for Nigeria elected officials to map out a blue print and begin to construct our country again
A house cannot be build without a design so politicians give this shithole country a design and begin the construction.

The writer is Emmanuel Onuaguluchi, out of New York

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