Two years in the saddle as Delta State democratically elected governor, His Excellency Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa today May 9, takes a bold step as he commences town hall meetings, inspection and commissioning of projects across the state.

This initiative is to commemorate the celebration of the second year in office and to prove a vital point that leaders are accountable to the people, listening and collecting inputs with which to improve on performance and in the same token enhance dividend of democracy to the people.

It was legendary Philosopher John Locke in the 17th century who coined ‘public opinion’ also similar to the Latin concept of ‘Vox Populi’ meaning “Voice of the People.”

Public opinion in a democracy, according to Locke, refers to collective evaluations expressed by people on political issues, policies, institutions and individuals. Public Opinions therefore has the capacity of changing government policy through positive observations that accumulates among citizens with the perfect understanding that “the people are the legitimate source of political power.”

It follows that His Excellency Gov Okowa, though a medical doctor by training and profession, is an experienced political leader with proper grasp of the workings of constitutional democracy hence he decided to take issues of governance back to the people who are basically and positively the legitimate source of political power.

Thus, his second anniversary as executive governor of Delta State, shall be celebrated, not with expensive wines and musical carnivals, but with massive commissioning of completed projects as well as inspection of numerous ongoing construction projects deliberately and intentionally spread across the three Senatorial districts in the state, to achieve the SMART AGENDA balanced development good governance initiative.

The governor and members of his highly proactive and result oriented cabinet shall be physically on ground to further inform and educate our people across the three senatorial districts about government policices, programmes, achievements, ongoing projects, short and long term infrastructure and socioeconomic development plans for the state.

The town hall meetings shall be a continuous process and positive platforms for constructive engagements between government and the governed; where our people are to freely express their views about the governor’s performance in office, their expectations and specific ugent needs; so as to enable government identify additional needs and promptly address them to facilitate the overall development of the state in accordance with the prosperity for all Deltans mantra.

The governor is conscious of the fact that society is never a homogenous whole. It is made up of several components and each component faces different challenges in its functioning and members of each components view the world differently.

A state is essentially built upon the consent of members of the society hence inputs generated from the town hall meetings shall be processed and delivered to the people as positive and progressive outputs in terms of infrastructure and socioeconomic development.

The list of completed and ongoing projects are now in public domain, published by the Hon Commissioner for Information, Hon Patrick Ukah through the entire state media and social media crew.

We shall collectively bring to you the sight and sounds from the town hall meetings, project commissioning, projects inspection and the robust interactions during various engagements with the source of political power, the people of Delta State.

It is hoped that at the end of the excercise, Deltans will better appreciate the enviable performance of the Okowa administration in terms of infrastructure, socioeconomic, agriculture, human capital development and other lofty achievements across the state.

The town hall meetings begins today May 9, in Isoko North, Delta State, South-South Nigeria.


Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq (EA Communications).

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