There is nothing unjust tyrants fear as much as the truth. Much more than guns and bullets, the truth riles and strikes tyrants in their softest spots.

Buhari came to power on lies. He has sustained his government on lies.

Before our eyes, a former opposition party that came to power promising to restructure, unify and right all the wrongs in the polity has unleashed the most blatant bigotry, hate, marginalisation, double standards, apartheid level discrimination, ethnic divisions and human rights violations in our democratic history.

IPOB has pounded away at this lies, evils and the fakeness of Nigeria everyday.

In remarkably well organised and peaceful rallies, Kanu has spoken truth to power. Denounced the evil, unjust, colonial system and made promises of a better tomorrow under a new republic and new system.

His organisation frightened them. His mass followership frightened them. His messianic status and incorruptibility frightened them.

He shattered long held myths. All of a sudden the republican Igbos who were known not to have or follow kings had a righteous King that was reverred like no other in the land.

A veritable man of the people. The masses followed him. The masses listened to him. The masses obeyed him. Unlike the looters taking refuge behind an avalanche of gun totting security men, he had no security. His security and refuge was the masses of the people themselves.

They followed him, they guided him, they adored him, they protected him, they stood in the rain or sun for him, they died for him.

In him the masses had found a true leader.

But for Buhari and his terrorist army, he was nothing other than a human bomb. So out of trepidation and fear they came for an unarmed man and group with guns, tanks and helicopter gunships. They shot and killed civilians, subjected young men to the most barbaric and despicable torture ever before seen. And to cap it they ridiculously declared the same victims of their terror; an unarmed and non violent IPOB a terrorist organisation while mass killing fulani terrorists were being protected by the same government.

The world choked at such inhumane barbarities and such hypocrisy. But It came as no surprise. The antecedents of Buhari and his ragtag government are well known. It has only been again vindicated before a global audience.

But in all these Buhari and his cowardly army forgot one thing; you can’t ban an ideology or decree a struggle for self determination/ freedom from injustice and oppresion out of existence, for many more will swell their ranks and even take its place insofar as the underlying drivers and injustices remain.

The struggle has just begun. Aluta Continua!

LC Nwobu

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