Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

I told you that you won’t hear the true story about the Ikoyi money. Have you? Sources in the Presidency told me Buhari’s appointment of Mohammed Dauda as DG of the NIA, is beginning to create another level of intrigues in the Presidency between Baba Gana Kingibe and Abba Kyari and his cohorts. At issue is another $250m belonging to the NIA. Abba Kyari wants to restrict Dauda to operations and appoint a committee to teleguide him. They want the money. I’m following the trail. When I get the full story, you will.

Never in my life have I seen a man whose balls is made of cotton. I have read biographies and autobiographies of men who aspired to high offices, their balls are usually made of steel because they know what the demands of the office they aspire to, are. Buhari has failed spectacularly to act on those destroying his presidency from within. A President we overwhelming voted squandered, the goodwill of his own party, the voters and the public, willfully.

Buhari’s State Chief of Protocol, Lawal Kazaure, has failed promotion examination twice. He refused to appear for the last one. Just before the commencement of the last promotion exam, a letter came from the office of Abba Kyari that the examination should not hold. This was when all candidates had arrived in the country to write the exam. My sources in the Presidency told me that the acting Director General – Arab Yadam in charge took the letter to Buhari that the examination could not be put off having put a lot of effort into planning and organizing the exam. He argued that the competence and level of preparedness of officers cannot be determined, if they do not face examination. President Buhari told Yadam, that he issued no such orders and that the DG should go and run his service.

This among many are the extent of damage being wrought on institutions and systems by Abba Kyari. Interestingly, they kept the National Security Adviser, Monguno, out of the loop. The power contest in the Presidency is the stuff of horror movies. When the history of Buhari’s Presidency is written, Abba Kyari would stand out as the most destructive influence and most damaging chief of staff in Nigeria’s history.

People like Lawal Kazaure can not compete on level playing field. They rely on a system of nepotism, cronyism, godfathering and patronage to advance their career in public service. Sadly, they determine where Nigeria is headed – The abyss!

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