Re: Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency: Putting Our Right Foot Forward

As much as I tried to disregard this malicious and ill-conceived diatribe concocted and targeted at a man who has kept his calm for God to fight his battle, I would be doing so much injustice to humanity if I don’t set the records straight, but rather just sit and allow this distorted truth to continue circulating.

There is an adage in my language which says “a man who has all things working out good for him don’t visit the native priest (doctor)”. Why then should Hon. John Gaul Lebo aka the Son of the Avatar be perturbed? Or why should his team have any sleepless night just when the Tribunal has restored our mandate? It grieves my heart that some youth have availed themselves as readily available tools for such hate and baseless distortion of fact, for any ready to pay politician. Some youths keep running their mouths like an oscillating pendulum either for cheap favour or promises.

The alleged statement linking the erstwhile Speaker of Cross River State house of Assembly and Member elect of the Abi/Yakurr Fed House of Rep seat is unfounded, as never has Hon. John Gaul Lebo sponsored any extra judicial killings of any kind let alone on the same people he was elected to represent, as he is a respecter of due process and a staunch believer of the judiciary. Little wonder he is a Barrister himself, it is important to mention that he has been practicing law for decades before his advent into politics. So why then should he jettison his first love (judiciary) for such level of mediocrity and incivility especially when the court has only recently restored back the peoples mandate to him?

It is no doubt that Hon. John Gaul Lebo is a name to reckon with, especially as it concerns the legislative arm of government in the state and country at large, little wonder he was the speaker of speakers. It is no news that he is the father of modern day legislature in our state, as he has restructured the state legislative arm and has set it high amongst other houses.

The last legislative house under his leadership has won far more awards, accolades and encomiums than any other in the state.

His experience in law formation and even interpretation has set him far above any known rivalry in the last election, the ugly sentiment of stomach infrastructure which some misdirected elements use as their only selling point is what has kept this nation in the same position.

When the world all over are talking about creating a space for the youth in world of entrepreneurship via less capital intense ventures and preferably through human capital and resource such as Information Technology(IT), some people are boastful of toilets and boreholes. What a shame! Hon. John Gaul has been championing the campaign for Technology, he has been supporting hubs in the state, and he has spoken in major Technology based forum.

He has already, well over ten bills that has the power and capacity to lift over five hundred thousand members of his constituency off the poverty line (directly and indirectly).

Finally, I call on all lovers, supporters, and followers of Hon. John Gaul Lebo to remain calm and law abiding even at the face of continuous provocation as it is already ending in praise.

Long live Abi/Yakurr, Long live Nigeria.

Victor Adaha

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