Aniekan Ekpo

Some miscreants have adduced varied connotations to this noble course and credit it as a campaign strategy of HE Obong Nsima Ekere.

But let’s take a logical dissect into the primitive narratives by some stooges of the present Akwa Ibom State government that the prayer session was not in a church. The prayer for the speedy recovery of Mr. President – Muhammadu Buhari by APC Youth in Akwa Ibom State is a touching gesture which instead of condemnation should be applauded.

The present jittery by Akwa Ibom State government on everything concerning APC shows that the time is ripe for CHANGE in the polity.

The present famine in Akwa Ibom where one man who says he is the governor at the detriments of the citizenry floats a new bank – SUN TRUST BANK LTD after having controlling shares with Heritage Bank Ltd and Zenith Bank Ltd needs a man that will lead her out of the quagmire. The fear of Nsima Ekere keeps gripping the government more.

The gathering of youths in tens of thousands is no mean feat and as the bible says….the gathering of the saints draws heavenly flavour. God will turn around the captivity of our people by this sacrifice of love.

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria !
Long live President Buhari !
Long live HE Nsima Ekere !
Long live APC !
Long live the Youths !

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