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Sequel to a statement made by the Governor of Plateau State, Mr. Simon Lalong, that he warned his Benue State counterpart, Governor Ortom against implementing the anti-grazing bill in Benue State, residents and citizens of Plateau state, have descended heavily on the Governor, describing his statement as a careless one, capable of fanning the embers of animosity among the sister states in the wake of killings of innocent citizens by Fulani herdsmen in Benue State.

A compilation of their statements, compiled by our Reporter, reads:

Ezekiel Balison “If you are working with Buhari you Will never have sense.”

“He is a monumental catastrophe to Plateau state.” -Kadon Daniel

“This is what we get when we vote people who don’t merit positions.”-Patience Rin Chollom

“What do you expect from a complete careless governor.”-Fitka Bilshakka

“He’s a very insensitive man. How can a leader be so careless in his statements?…..I forgot he’s a “brainless man.”-Lillian Musa

“Sure, the statement credited to SB Lalong is the height of insensitivity and callous, typical of a one tenure governor.”-Joseph Zakka

“Lalong lack wisdom.”-Ibrahim Kure

“I am calling the youths of plateau and nigeria at large never to repeat this mistake again, voting apc.”-Matthew Dakup

“Ehhhh I feel so bad for you, why do you drink beer ? before meeting journalists.”-Bitex Gwonson

“This lalong must go back to shendam by 2019 to aspire for his ward councillorship.”-Ndam John

“It was not his fault but ours to vote a man who is Incompetent in all his ways. We are going to send him back to the Kuvuki land where he came from that’s fore sure.”-Emmanuel Ngoyo

“The statement by Lalong was so careless because he wants to find favour from an alliance that Plateau peoples feature will be mortgaged. The comment was so unintelligent that a commentator on national TV said he wouldn’t respond to comments made by someone without Brains! ! letting people people to a point of ridicule. May God save plateau. Amen.”-Ali Nanpan

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