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The political leader of Uyo federal constituency, Prince Uwem Ita Etuk has said the people of Uyo federal constituency have arisen to vote their own bonafide candidate for Uyo senatorial seat in 2019, hence it will be too risky for the PDP to field Obong Bassey Albert Akpan for a second term.

Etuk insisted that it will be a liability for the Peoples Democratic Party to field a candidate that is not from Uyo federal constituency for the senate seat in 2019.

Prince Etuk said this in an interview in his farmhouse Nung Udoe, urged leadership of the PDP to avoid momentary decisions which may cause the party to loss some important positions to the opposition in the forthcoming general election.

“The current representation [in the senate] is not worth the risk, to deny Uyo federal constituency her turn. And, since the people of Uyo federal constituency are determined to take their turn at the senate, it will be a liability to field anyone who is not from Uyo federal constituency for the election”.

While commending the caucus of the PDP for emphasising zoning in her latest meeting held on saturday 20th January 2018, Etuk said his party does not “want a pigmentation of votes in 2019, hence the party leadership must apply herself to the recent promise to uphold zoning”.

He said Uyo federal constituency has the largest concentration of votes in Uyo senatorial district and the State, thus measures should be taken by the PDP to protect the sanctity of its support-base and followership in the federal constituency.

“Uyo federal constituency must be rewarded because it has the highest concentration of votes. If our chance is infringed upon under any guise, conspiracy or momentary decision, we may suffer the same unfortunate fate we saw in the 2015 presidential election. Again, we will have no option than throw open the governorship ticket in 2023. This is not a threat”.

Prince Uwem Ita Etuk who is the immediate past state chairman of the PDP said the party must not hatch any further scheme that would make the people of Uyo federal constituency to feel marginalised and short-changed.

“The politics of conspiracy hatched against Uyo federal constituency over the speakership position is still very fresh and bleeding in their minds. It was said then that the speakership is for Uyo senatorial district, so it shouldn’t be regionalised. The PDP can’t afford the risk of this kind of conspiracy against Uyo federal constituency in 2019”.

Prince Etuk fondly called “conscience of the party” by his partymen urged the PDP to put reasonable measures in place to guard against in-fighting in the party in Uyo senatorial district.

He implored leadership of the party not to allow themselves to be stampeded into making hasty decisions, but should be resolute in championing reforms that will make the party united and stronger.

Etuk said the PDP should make explicit pronouncement on the Uyo senatorial seat.

“We shouldn’t be fighting our own people. The party is too fragile, we have lost very important foundation members so we should take all necessary precautions to avoid internal crisis. My position is, If the party wants each federal constituency in Uyo senatorial district to go to the senate for 12 years, the party should state that clearly”.

Prince Uwem Ita Etuk said he was impressed by the pedigree of aspirants from Uyo federal constituency who have indicated interest to run for the Senate.

“I am impressed by the crop of aspirants from Uyo federal constituency who have shown interest in the senate. I am calling on well meaning people from Uyo federal constituency to aspire for the senatorial seat”, Etuk said.

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