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The Akwa Ibom State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Obong Paul Ekpo has advised members of the opposition in the state, to accept Governor Udom Emmanuel’s call for unity and contribution of ideas to the growth of the state. The Chairman stated this, at a press briefing held at the state party secretariat in Uyo. He said, as a party that has been the sole supplier of critical leadership manpower for our state since the return of democracy in 1999, we are deeply thankful to the citizenry of our state who have at every opportunity reaffirmed their belief and support for us through the ballot box. They have always resisted the temptation of testing the unknown or experimenting with the promised fantasies of the various oppositions we have had in the past . Particularly, in the last elections, they stood firm in the face of intimidation, assaults, insults, mockery and all sort of unimaginable challenges. They kept their entire faith and reliance on the OnlyGod, who determines the occupant of power, the onlyGod of justice, equity and fairness and in turn that God didn’t put us to shame. He showed up for the state mightily and that is why at every opportunity, we are not tired or ashamed to return all thanks and glory to Him.

He added that, the battle of elections are over and done with, the battle of statehood must commence-this battle needs all hands to the pumps. This is a battle that must be fought with all our collective mights and won for the sake of history and posterity. This battle is the attainment of the Akwa Ibom project. It is the battle for the survival and identification of the Akwa Ibom persona; the struggle to attain our rightful place in the affairs of our nation and then truly launch ourselves into global limelight .

The mantle of leadership has been handed back to Governor Udom Emmanuel to complete his full season of two terms and we join him in extending the olive branch to all our friends from other political parties, to join hearts, heads and hands with him to build an Akwa ibom of our dreams- a state which we can bequeath to our succeeding generations as a goodly inheritance without blemish. We appeal to members of the opposition to accept the unity call of the Governor and contribute ideas, mobilize physical and spiritual support for the Governor in this his second and last term.

He congratulated the divinely mandated, electorally successful and judiciary confirmed Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Governor Udom Emmanuel- truly the Lord who saw the total reliance of our Governor on him, showed up mightily on our behave and granted us unquestionable victory. This victory covered all our candidates and we are witnesses to the efficacy of the OnlyGod watch word. I also congratulate the members of the National and state Assemblies on their success at the polls and court. I again remind them to call to mind the required sacrifice demanded by public office. There will be no excuse for poor performance, therefore all our candidates must strive to deliver creditably on their mandate, conscious that their scorecard will affect the future chances of our party .

As the Chairman of our great party, I will reiterate the fact that the doors of our party are open for all those seeking or desiring to join us afresh, or those returning home after a sojourn in strange political lands. We can assure them that there will be no segregation or discrimination, as we are all one in the Akwa ibom project. I hereby direct all ward and chapter chairmen to create receptive environment for those intending to join us.

He thanked the entire leadership and membership of the party for the huge cooperation he received in the year just about to end. Everyone worked tirelessly to achieve the victory we now enjoy. Deserving particular mention are the Organising, Publicity and legal departments of our party. The Organising secretariat wither to ensure that we had primaries that reflected the wishes of the electoral college, this is evident in the fact that there was no pre-election court case. The Publicity secretariat became our attack and defence lines, they kept the populace aware of the plans of the opposition and battled them to a stand still. The legal department conducted our cases in the list prides soon so manner, this is obvious from the judgements we’ve obtained. The other departments like the general secretariat, youth and women directorate, finance department were stellar in the discharge of their responsibilities. The Deputy chairman and Vice chairmen were definitional in their support and specially thanked the press community for their support before, during and after the elections.

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