Ekid People’s Union (EPU) has described  Senator Helen Esuene as a rare gem and pride of  Ekid Nation, who has brought light and glory into the communities and the entire nation.

While presenting a book: “Helen Esuene: An Icon of Destiny” to mark the 70th birthday celebration of Mrs Esuene, the President General of EPU, Dr Samuel Udonsak, said despite her heights in life, the celebrator has remained exceedingly humble and people-focused. The event held on Dec 23, 2019 at Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort, Uyo.

The EPU President recalled that at birth, Mrs Esuene was named “Glory” by her parents. But Ekid people prefer “Helen”, a Greek name meaning the “Bright One”. He said she has lived the two names, with  her brightness assuming a glorious  illumination since she got married to Brig Gen Udoakaha Jacob Esuene in 1968.

“Yes, Senator Esuene has made us proud. She has been a torch-bearer to communities, states and the nation. In government and in private life, she has been constant. She has taught us the value of humility and the essence of humanity. Despite her heights in the society, business, spirituality and politics, she remains humble. And in her humility, she impacts on humanity”, Udonsak said.

According to him, “Ekid nation is proud of this rare gem because she  brought life and glory to our communities, just like she did in the Government House of the old South Eastern State, as the pioneer First Lady. Her support, companionship, advice and able management of the homefront gave Esuene the needed focus to leave indellible marks as the military governor of what comprised today’s Cross River and Akwa Ibom States. We celebrate the one who provided the arms and pillows to rest the head from which came the deliberate focus on people-oriented programmes.

“Despite the challenges posed by motherhood, career, societal demands of the Nigerian civil war and post-war era,  Her Excellency passionately managed the post-war issues of abandoned/disconnected children by setting up of the Otop-Otop Orphanage home in Calabar, in collaboration with the National Council of Women’s Society (NCWS), among others”.

Udonsak told the crowded hall that “Ekid Nation is a land of old time warriors, freedom fighters and advocates for justice. It is also a proud land  of astute administrator, and patriots. That is why we are  proud to have lend our bright Helen, at different times, to the Nigerian nation  –  as a civil servant, as First Lady, as Minister in two minutes, and as Senator of the Federal Republic!”

He then prayed God to grant Sen. Esuene another 70 years and urged our leaders to align more with her commitment to selfless service!

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