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Customers of United Bank for Africa, has lamented the poor services they continue to tolerate from the bank, despite priding itself as Africa’s global bank.

In a post on his social media account, a customer, Kufre Carter said,”UBA Group is the most useless, shameless and frustrating bank in Nigeria.

If you’re a business person, NEVER have anything to do with UBA.

Their security infrastructure is absolutely non existent and they don’t care.

Fraudsters and scammers have a field day compromising and hacking customer accounts and making online withdrawals with the bank powerless to stop them.

What’s worse?

Their customer care service is appalling and nauseating. Their customer service agents are arrogant and proud even when some of them earn less than 100,000 monthly.

They just don’t care!!!

Avoid UBA if you want your money to be safe.”

Another customer, Simon Eyinnaya said, “🤔🤔🤔UBA is the worst bank in Nigeria, imagine I was with my ATM and they debited me 9k, when I went to the bank, the customer care said that someone used the ATM in my wallet to make a withdrawal through POS, I said not possible no one else knew my digits and the ATM is always in my wallet, he blamed me that I could have come that same day, up till today the 9k is gone.

My major fear is my little Ballance in the bank, because UBA are not even ready to take responsibility for unlawful withdrawals.

🤔🤔Their customer service behaves like semi gods until they close from work and started dragging Keke with everyone else.”

Pstyle Macauley said, “That’s how they withdraw 80k from my friend’s salary account without his permission.
When he went to UBA Bank at Aka Road, Uyo. They said his money is in the account, he should not worry that they will fix it.
My friend dey depressed 💔 for days because of that money.”

Ofonime Okon said, “My experience with #UBA isn’t something I like recalling.. Porous security network. Imagine the bank writing me that my money was withdrawn from another bank & location outside Uyo,while my card was with me. #UBA shit”

Mariecalesta Godwin said, “That was how I lost 50k… getting to the bank (Aka road branch) one yeye Emeka abi Ebuka told me I did online shopping… online shopping for card were I collect that evening…i just kukuma redraw all my money and leave….it shall never be well with UBA”

Efforts to speak with the Corporate Communications Manager of UBA, Nasir Ramon were not successful at the time of this report.

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