Mkor Aondona

Recollect that, in the past few days some enemies and detractors of Dr. Samuel Ortom rose to an unpopular occasion to cause confusion on a case of paradoxical misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the Governor’s humble commitment,either directly or indirectly by assisting subsistence farmers in the rural areas with wheel barrows to facilitate them in conveying their household produce from farms to their homes.

This incident was misconstrued,misguided and misrepresented by political soldiers of doom to the government in order to heighten the embers of negative mobilization and aspersions on the humble sensitivity of the Dr. Samuel Ortom to the plight of some small scale farmers in conveying their cash and household crops for purposes of subsistence and local markets!!!Unfortunately for such soldiers of doom,that cheap and malicious propaganda failed to transmit any reasonable meaning to all patriotic Benue indigenes who believe in the sagacity of the humble support of the Governor to small scale /village farmers/rural dwellers!!! To me and many more others,we wish to say may God forgive all those who were behind and have been behind all the failed attempts to cause confusion to the political leadership of Dr. Samuel Ortom through falsehood!!!

Furthermore,I must also emphasize that in all human history,it is believed that whosoever the Almighty God ordains as a leader among people,the same Almighty God will always provide every opportunity for such a person to prove the doubts of his detractors and also shame the devil.

Today,history has made itself to prove that Dr. Samuel Ortom is not only ordained by God but also encouraged and emboldened by God to deliver his people of Benue State from the shackles of deprivation,voicelessness,socio-economic impotence,misery,squalor ,dependence and impoverishment that has hitherto severed the possibilities,chances and opportunities of growth and development inBenue State due to the long standing history of Fulani herdsmen attacks on Benue people!!This is more like rescuing the Benue people from the Sambisa forest in the North/East of Nigeria.

Indeed,the signing of the Anti Grazing Bill into law in Benue State is a divine direction that epitomizes the leadership focus of Dr. Samuel Ortom!!

#Dr. Samuel Ortom’s Next Two Years In His First Term Will Prove More Doubts To All Political Soldiers Of Doom!!!

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