Samuel Duncan

“Most of our mistakes, the big ones at least, are the result of allowing emotions to overrule logic. We knew the right choice but didn’t obey.” – Anonymous..

The highest political position Oro Nation does not need to struggle with other tribes to occupy is that of Oron Federal Constituency Seat.. This means the seat can become Oro’s only consolation at points where Oro has to swim in the low tides of AKS politics.. This is how serious Oro must and ought to see that exalted and exclusive political seat of hers..

It is sadly unfortunate and unpretentiously regrettable that, Oro still allows emotions and sentiments to becloud her sense of judgement as regards who represents her at that level.. I hear a few people claim, howbeit erroneously that, zoning begets mediocrity and throws up misfits for serious positions such as what has befallen Our Dear Nation in this matter..

As regards the above claim, I will not hesitate to disagree with proponents of such claim as it is ridiculously untrue that there exists any LGA in Oro Nation without roundly qualified persons who can handsomely represent Oro at that level.. Besides, if zoning was a breeding ground for mediocrity, United Nations would not allow members from developing countries occupy the position of its Secretary General including those from the African continent.. Kofi Anan served two terms as UN Secretary General, and he was never a mediocre.. If zoning was meant to midwife mediocrity then, Nigeria would have repealed its Federal Character Law and so on..

The fact remains therefore that, zoning serves to give sense of belonging; ensure inclusion, integration, and fairness within any system.. The regrettable situation Oro faces in this matter therefore, does not arise from zoning rather, it is the direct consequence of making a very wrong choice when it mattered most.. Oro had the opportunity of choosing one of the three aspirants amongst whom were Rt. (Hon.) Alice Ekpenyong, Rt. (Hon.) Nse Ekpenyong and Engr. Kininyi Edubio for that top job..

The National Parliament remains that platform where various constituencies across the federation pass their plights to the government at the centre.. As such, every constituency must send their best since, it will require one’s persuasive ability and strength of argument to convince a house of 360 members to see a thing in one’s light..

A situation where any constituency follows its heart and not its head in the choice of its representative sure leaves such constituency in at least 4years of political drought as is the case in Oron Federal Constituency today.. It is sad that our HoRs member’s 2years in office is yet to convince us on his seriousness to raise the bar of representation from where his immediate predecessor left it, or at least, maintain the tempo he left behind.. To clear such doubts, it would be expected that on May 29, our Rt. (Hon.) would gather Oro people for a briefing on his journey thus far..

There is a great feeling of dispair in the land as time rolls by without any reason to hope for improvement in the days to come.. A few things have happened within these 2years that required action by the Rt. (Hon.), yet our MP has not taken political space.. In nearby Delta State, their MP sponsored the Okerenkoko Maritime University Bill, lobbied his way through, and effectively mobilised his constituents to be part of the process. The outcome is the passage of that Bill in the senate.. The same Bill has been forwarded to the HoRs for concurrence.. In such circumstance, one would ordinarily have expected our Rt. (Hon.) would equally sponsor a Bill for the upgrade of MAN, Oron to a university to hasten the process of concurrence once the one sponsored by Senator Nelson Effiong eventually gets to the HoRs.. We couldn’t have that done since it appears our MP is not bothered about it at all..

Though our seat is not vacant, it took the intervention of the Itu/Ibiono Ibom member, Hon. Henry Okon Archibong to do the needful in that regards.. One therefore wonders what will bother our MP, if the upgrade of the only Federal institution in Oro does not suit his fancy..

Our MP happens to be a senior party stalwart who ought to be well respected in his party having served at various positions in the party since 1999. In fact, he is about the only politician in Oro Nation who has not been out of office since 1999.. Therefore, if such a loaded party stalwart with more than 17 straight years of cumulative political offices occupation experience, cannot attract tangible government projects and other dividends to his people then, Oro must rethink..

If our MP could not do the things stated above, he may have at least facilitated the employment of his constituents in Federal agencies, boards, commissions, departments, ministries, and paraststals like, the Police, Customs, Immigration, FIRS, CBN, NDIC, EFCC, SSS, FCSC, Federal Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education to name a few.. Oro would not have all the details except he calls for a #CONSTITUENCYBRIEFING.. He may be a silent achiever no doubt but, he needs to put Oro in the know of which direction he is going.. Until such a time, the general believe is that, he is not doing what he should and, the people cannot be blamed since there exists a wide communication gap between the MP and his constituents..

Our MP needs to tell Oro how many Bills he has sponsored and or cosponsored and what bearing such have on our wellbeing.. He needs to show Oro his constituency projects for the 2years so far spent..

There is this unwritten consensus that Oron Federal Constituency Seat must remain in a local government area for two terms before it moves to another.. Mbo will be rounding off its first term by 2019 and Oro is yet to feel the impact of that representation.. Make no mistake, Oro shall never accept this state of helplessness any further. Mbo must step up the game by putting forward a candidate with the right CHARACTER, CAPACITY and COMPETENCE.. Oro must be heard, effectively represented, properly mainstreamed and adequately integrated into the Nigerian polity..

Oro leaders, youths, and women must stand up for effective representation when the next election calls.. We must collectively rise above emotions and sentiments by making right our choice come 2019.. The choice will yet be ours to make and the consequences thereafter, ours to bear for yet another four plenty years..

Meanwhile, we owe Hon. Henry Okon Archibong of Itu/Ibiono Ibom Federal Constituency some show of appreciation..

“Do not brood over your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill your mind with grief, regret and depression. Do not repeat them in the future.” – Swami Sivananda..


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