Daniel Agbor

I recollect when I posted pictures of the refuse sanctuaries and empires that is currently incubating itself into a possible endemic in Calabar as scores of refuse litter the city.

It’s sickening that amidst this grandiose display that stare us in the face, simple reason have not taken precedent to correct this anomaly. From every possible indication, the assertion by Chief Ray Morphy is very correct that Atam people are not dirty but our plight is induced by the undoing of one man, the Governor of the State.

Too much attention is focused on big and impossible things at the neglect of the little comforting things.

I could not hold back my disdain at Mbukpa Market when I witnessed the strategical positioning of fufu beside an empire of refuse.

I had asked the seller the rationale behind such ovation of foolishness health wise. I was shocked to find out that simple survival instinct had triggered that inhumane positioning of consumables. I could not hold back my anger as I reprimanded the woman while explaining the health implication of her actions.

Her explanation and excuses provoked pity and aroused empathy. She said she had begged the owners of the nearby shop to allow her display her ware by the side and she was almost thrown out. she went further to say that without her making sales, her children have nothing to eat when they come back from school as they left for school without food. When I pry further, she revealed that she had paid the mandatory daily ticket.

Are the Atam people dirty? This is a question for consideration.

Watch out for Episode 2

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