Budget as the name suggests, is a financial proposal and breakdown of how much the government expects to generate, and an analysis of how funds generated would be expended.

It is pertinent to mention here however, that a budget is never a note of finality, as budgeting by the Executive Arm of Government and subsequent approvals by the State House of Assembly is a continuous process.

A good and workable budget therefore is usually built on certain perspectives, namely; Economic needs, population, Urban-Rural consideration among others.

The year 2018 budget of the Delta State Government as passed by the State House of Assembly and subsequently signed into law, created a Capital Expenditure of N161, 614, 568, 997.

Were it practicable, this amount shared between the existing 25 local government areas, add up to about N6.4bn per local government.

However, bearing in mind that there are certain projects considered in the general interest of all Deltans, the above arithmetic cannot hold water. Projects like the Airport in Asaba, Road Dualisation running from Asaba through Kwale/Isoko to Ughelli, the Teaching Hospital in Oghara amongst others, are key projects running into billions of Naira.

Another interesting innovation in the year 2018 budget is the change in budget style. Prior to 2018, all projects are clearly categorized and monies allocated clearly stated, unlike the innovation introduced in the year 2018 budget whereby a single Head/Code covers the entire state. This innovation is designed to accommodate more projects deemed fit by the State Executive Council.

In the year 2018 budget, the financial value of projects allocated to Isoko Nation runs into about 4billion. This amount however, does not include other projects earnmarked by the Single Head/Code.

Please find below some of the projects and their value as captured by the 2018 budget in respect of Isoko Nation.

Construction of Ozoro Modern Market value: N300million
Construction of Community Roads in Iyede. Value: N180 million
Construction of Oteri-Iyede Road. Value: N80 million
Construction of Owhelogbo/Abbi Road. Value: N300 million
Construction of Oleh/Emede Road. Value: N280 million
Construction of Umeh Road. Value: N300 million
Construction of Idheze bypass. Value: N400 million
Construction of Otor-Owhe Internal Roads. Value: N250 million
Interlocking of old Uzere Road, Enuto Community, Emede. Value: N50 million
Emede Township Road. Value: N500 million
Aradhe/Ellu Road. Value: N60 million
Construction of Ikpide-Irri internal Roads. Value 250 million
Construction of Aviara Ring Road. Value: N150 million
Construction of Selected Roads in Isoko North. Value: 400 million
Construction of Oleh Township Road. Value: N150 million
Faculty of Engineering, Oleh Campus. Value: N150 million
Construction of Auditorium at Ozoro Polytechnic. Value: N50 million

From the foregoing, it is obvious that those peddling the incorrect news of Isoko being allocated a mere 1% of the Year 2018 Budget are nothing but enemies of the Isoko Nation.

These persons are merely bringing their political differences and failures to bear on their judgement of the good works being done by the administration of Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa. As the Majority Leader of the Delta State House of Assembly, it falls within my office to peruse all government bills, the budget having been handled as an appropriation bill before its passage.

I am in a position to advice those bandying these rumors to feel free to come to my office to verify their claims before going public with intent to mislead unsuspecting and innocent people of Isoko Nation.

Isoko as a people have taken cognizance of the projects being executed in our land by the Okowa Administration, and come 2019, we shall overwhelmingly vote for him again.

A Governor who came in and chose to upgrade Vocational Education in the State, chose three (3) Technical Colleges almost forgotten, with our own Ofagbe Technical College inclusive, deserves all measure of commendation.

The Isoko people can see through the veil blackmail being orchestrated by these enemies of the Isoko Nation. We Isokos are too educated to be fooled by some incorrect news.

Okowa remains our man.
Thank you.

Hon. Barr. Tim K. Owhefere KSC
Majority Leader, Delta State House of Assembly

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