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Coordinator of Kairos Rhema Embassy, Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese, spoke with Trail Reporters Editor, Eneh John, in Uyo, on a wide range of issues and the journey so far in the ministry.


Can you briefly tell us about your background and how long you have been in ministry?

I am the Coordinator of Kairos Rhema Embassy, a non denominational place of worship. I was a pastor with Assemblies of God Church from 2002 to 2012, before I floated my ministry in 2012. I have been in Ministry for 15years, but Kairos will be 5years in December, 2017. I hold a National Diploma from School of Health Technology, Etinan, a Diploma from Uma Ukpai Business and Theology School, First degree in Marine Geology from the University of Calabar and a post graduate diploma in Guidance and Counseling from the University of Uyo and other certifications. I have travelled widely to different countries for the gospel sake.

What is the difference between a Coordinator and a Pastor?

A Coordinator is like an Evangelist who goes about gathering the flocks for the Pastor to take charge.

Can you tell us the meaning of Kairos?

Kairos means fullness of time or due season. In my language it means, eternity has set into time.

Tell us the goals of Kairos Embassy.

Kairos is to pick men from where they are to where they are to where they ought to be.

How have you impacted the lives of people?

Testimonies abound. The messages in public goes along way. We don’t publicize what we do for people. I believe in live and lets live. I don’t believe in having millions in my account when I cannot touch lives. We help people to think beyond politics, thuggery, labour, etc. There are things that doesn’t need prayers and there are others that need prayers. Joseph was taken to where he was because he was knowledgeable. When you are knowledgeable you are marketable. David also was overseeing the sheep. He also knew how to play the guitar. So, when someone was needed to play for thw King, David was chosen. At the end, we want people to make heaven.

Apart from the ministry, is there some other thing you are into?

I started Kairos when I was 30. I am a Contractor with a registered company where I do businesses with. I have been SA on Religious Matters in Esit Eket.

We have stumbled on some of your books. Which of them has drawn much interest from the public and how many copies have been sold so far?

I am an Author of five published books. 1. Issues in the blood line, (2). University of Process(3) Mystery of Praise(4) Rules of Engagement.(5) 31 Capsules to the top. The sixth will be out in December 29, when we celebrate Kairos 5years anniversary.

In brief, can you comment on these books?

Issues in the blood line talks about being rooted. That until you are rooted, you can never be fruitful. John 7:52-53, 1Sam 10:10-11. People came to question Jesus. Is Paul also among the Prophets? A rootless man is a fruitless man.

University of Process: People don’t believe in growing, they believe in flying. Romans 8:28.

Mystery of Praise: If you are not grateful, you will be a great fool.

Rules of engagement: Some singles are not ready for marriage. We give you guidelines to be maritable. Until you are maritable, no man can marry you. Every powerful man must be a prayerful person.

31 capsules to the top. Each capsule everyday. Being inquisitive, wherever you belong, you must have a father. We have sold over 5,000 copies for each of the books.

My new book is on : 365 Deliverance, Prayer marathon. “oh God! May I not get to a point in this life , that I will knee to any man to say you are my last hope. ”

What is the membership strength of the church at the moment and are they plans to move to the permanent site soon?

We have an overflow in each of our services. Next year, we will be celebrating in our new building. Every growing church does not have a permanent site. It is a temporary site.

You were in the news recently about how some persons came to disrupt your church service. How have you been able to move on from that incident? Have you forgiven them?

It was a distraction. A man that has vision must expect things like that. If you have a vision nothing can distract you. Every successful man must have a battle. The most successful time of my life has been after the battle. I forgave them from the first day. They are my motivators. They came to push me to where God is taking me to.

What happened to the marriage you were into?

The marriage was a challenge. But it is my personal life. The court has handled that. People have their challenges in different ways. Mine was in marriage. If God has blessed you with a successful marriage, don’t laugh at others who have challenges in theirs.

Can you say a little about the leadership of Gov.Udom so far in the State?

I am not a sycophant. I’m impressed about the propmt payment of salaries. I pray for the government, I don’t get involved. I believe the government is doing well.

As a church, are there things you have done in giving back to the society? Or are there plans for that?

We have sent people for training in welding, fittings, schools, business seminars etc., some are settled. We have positioned men to look beyond the government. If you are not knowledgeable, you cannot be marketable.

There are people that look up to you as their spiritual father and Leader, what is your advise to them?

I advise them to look up to God. There is no man that can disappoint man like man. Whoever is under me must carry grace. Its either God or God.

God cannot give you a mandate and leave you. I move by the mandate that God has given to me.

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