Richard Peters

The member representing the good people of Eket State Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Hon. David Lawrence, without any gain saying, deserves a second term, to complete all the massive projects he initiated for his people, the people of Eket Local government,as a man who believes in community development, and the overall interest of the people, he enjoys the good will of his people.

Having carefully studied the political calculation of Eket State constituency as regard to zoning or other issues of marginalization that has been going on in the media, with few people insisting that the tenure of the current member representing the area, Hon. David Lawrence will elapse in 2019, and then another zone will take over from him. This to me should be put in a proper perspective, so that people should not be misinformed, and also for the people of Eket State constituency should see the need why Hon. David Lawrence should return back to the House of Assembly for a second term, because one good turn deserves another.

It is important to note, that all the zones in Eket Local government area, has so far taken their turn to represent the people at the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, in respect to zoning which PDP, the ruling party in the state holds dear. So what is happening right now, is a renegotiation of the zoning pattern, so no zone has been marginalized. And from the reactions of so many people I interacted with before putting up this piece, it is imperative that the zoning negotiations should start with Hon. David Lawrence going back for a second term. This will be on great benefit to the people of the area, because so many human capital projects he has initiated may be abandoned, if he is not reelected.

For those who are still agitating for a newcomer to take over from Hon. David Lawrence, should put the interest & goodwill of the people, the community into consideration. They should think about the Eket Modern Market project ,which is handled by a Chinese company, who since the beginning of the projects have been dealing with Hon. David Lawrence, and have established some level of trust, confidence, in him. Those who are aware of the market project, should know that the lawmaker was given a guarantee of 30% interest rate, and which he also facilitated for the sale of the project, the shops, all for the interest of the people of Eket State constituency.

From my findings, out of the 26 members of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Hon. David Lawrence is the only one that has through his cordial relationship with the Governor, attracted a huge capital development project to the constituency, such as Eket Stadium, Super Highway, Eket Residential quarters, housing projects and others. Since the Governor, who is from Eket Senatorial district is having a cordial working relationship with the lawmaker, and sees him as somebody he can trust, base on his superior performance, there is need for him to return for another term, and see that those projects are completed.

This same concern of a second term call on the lawmaker was why he abandoned his consultations for his House of Representative pursuits, which he ended on January 2, because the people came and insisted that he should go back to the house of Assembly and protect the interest of the Governor, help stabilize the system, and work for the progress of the State. Because legislative business rely so much on the relationship that exist among members.

This is the first time in the history of representation at the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, for more than 20 years, that a first timer from Eket State constituency was given a portfolio as a principal officers in the house of Assembly. This can only be explained based on the effective representation that the lawmaker has given to the people. Indeed the mandate of the Eket people is safe with Hon. David Lawrence, because he is a lawmaker that knows his onions.

One significant thing that I know both the young and the old people from Eket State constituency will never forget in a hurry as a result of his effective representation of the people, is the courage, determination, sacrifice, Hon. Lawrence put in, in the relocation of the Eket timber market from the old site to the new one. This height has been applauded because, it was terrain that has been a war zone for many decades. To me, I believe that the people of Eket State constituency are solely behind the lawmaker, because it takes goodwill for the people to cooperate, and give him their support to move the market to the new site.

In no distance from now, the constituency briefing being put to gather to report more progress to the people whose mandate the Eket Representative in the Akwa Ibom State house is holding in trust. But while awaiting the briefing, it is important for the people of the area to think about what would have happen to the AME Zion primary school,bUsung Inyang Eket, that was taken over by flood, if Hon. David Lawrence did not intervene as the peoples representative, and initiated a flood and erosion control project, that was handled by Nigerpet.

From the available records, 20 constituents has so far been recommended for NCE employment in SUBEB, 5 constituents were recommended for oil and gas servicing company in Baker Hughes Nigeria limited Lagos, all at the instance of the member representing Eket State constituency, Hon. David Lawrence. There are so many things that this lawmakers has done that they people are not aware of. That is why there is urgent need for him to go a second term,because governance is work in progress.

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