Muhammad Auta

In my entire life on this planet, I have never seen where a high or even a low ranking traditional ruler would send his daughter to represent him in an event.

Not just that, an event where his fatherly presence is needed to subdue the anxiety generated as a result of the theft of about 200 School girls over three years ago. Are there no other people who can stand in for the Sarki? Where is Mannir Sanusi, his Chief of Staff who issued a statement recently disassociating the Sarki with any social media platform? Isn’t he competent to represent the Sarki?

Whether by design or by default, the young lady did not disappoint, she decided to turn the podium to a political platform where she arrogantly tongue-lashed whoever opposed her father’s worldview. She has forgotten so quickly that people in public positions derived their power from the people they govern.

In addition to that, her appearance clearly shows that she was not well cultured in the Muslim way, since her father always portrayed himself as the representative of the prophet on earth. She should have dressed in islamic way so that she can become a model to all Muslim sisters around the world. And that would have given her father some millage in his self appointed heir of the prophet’s posture.

Personally, I concurred with whatever Emir Sanusi said recently, however, I would not allow that to overshadow my sense of reasoning. What Sanusi did today is the highest form of Traditional recklessness. And it should be condemned by all.

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